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12 Feb 2020 09:55 AM
By: Princekaos1

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PS4 only outputting 2.0 over HDMI

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For years, I have had my PS4 connected to my Integra Receiver and then to my Sony TV through HDMI and have had no issues with surround sound.  The PS4, set to output Dolby, would reproduce at least 5.1 on games, all streaming apps, and DTS-HD Master/Dolby TrueHD with Blu-rays without issue.  Suddenly, and with no change to any of the equipment, the PS4 no longer outputs any surround sound and instead puts out 2.0 for games and any streaming apps (Hulu, Netflix, and Disney+).  I have tried to change the sound settings to PCM and DTS which both do the same thing as the Dolby setting.  When I check the output, the PS4 reports, "The receiver the PS4 is plugged into supports 7.1 audio. Select the below to output 5.1 Audio".  I have tried checking that box too and get the same 2.0.  I do have 7.1 surround.  I have tried turning off the HDMI control, HDCP, and also restored default settings on the PS4 and none have done a thing.  I also tried different startup orders for the three devices and no change as well.  The strange thing is when the PS4 starts up, it does output surround to all channels until I log on.  Even stranger, the PS4 will output surround on the menu if I put the original theme back into use.  However, even then, once a game or any of the above apps come on the sound goes back to 2.0.  The receiver reports that it is receiving the correct signal (Dolby, DTS, PCM) and the correct amount of channels respective of the setting even though the sound is only coming out as 2.0.  Blu-rays still reproduce DTS-HD Master and TrueHD without issue.  Oddly, I was able to get 5.1 out of the HDMI by setting the output to optical and checking all the boxes available, but, the sound is severly degraded. I have not tried an optical cable to see how the sound would turn out.  Has anyone ran into this issue or have any ideas about what is causing it and how to resolve it?

  • This was resolved by rebuilding the database.  Oddly, it didn't all come back at once.  First was streaming, followed by gaming.