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02 Apr 2015 09:32 AM
By: buckhammer97

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Ps4 safe mode loop

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Every time i turn on my ps4 its in safe mode. No matter what i click on, besides resetting because i dont wanna lose what i have on it, it just restarts and is in safe mode still. Tried to get the update file and it said something about a formating my memory stick before the update could go threw and disappeard before i could get what it said. Can anyone help




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  • Well it seems like you would need to reinitialize your PS4. The one thing that could help would be the following > turn off your console completely, unplug the power supply, hold the power button for a few seconds and then plug in the power supply and try to start it again. Hope it helps, if not, as said, it seems that you lost everything and you need to reinitialize ... :(

  • rapacz

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    Ok, so I may have fixed this for me and completely baffled the PS4 telephone support crew at the same time. 


    When the issue started, I immediately went online and tried to find a quick fix. After trying all seven options more than once, as well as other home remedies from YouTube, etc., I sent the machine to Sony for repair. It was even to the point where I could no longer select from the safe mode menu. The machine would turn off after a few seconds on its own. 


    Fifteen days later, here we are. I received the package, quickly unboxed, plugged in, and nothing. The same exact issue was happening to the machine.


    Furious, I picked up the phone and escalated to a manager. It was probably one of the worst customer service calls I have ever had and she was not sympathetic to my issue at all. Her only answer was to send the machine back in for another look. It is hard to believe that Sony wouldn't replace my machine after so many issues. 


    Here is where the story gets weird. The manager asked me for my serial number and I read it off to her. At that moment, she let me know that a different machine was sent back to me. After asking her about three times if she is sure, she stopped the conversation short and asked me to send the machine back to them for further maintenence.


    Just before hanging up, I asked if my cables (power, HDMI) would have anything to do with it. She laughed it off  and explained that it is obviously a hardware issue with the console. I said OK and we hung up, but I wanted to check. I unplugged my Apple TV, switched the cables, and nothing. It brought me back into safe mode again. But this time, I was able to select from the menu instead of the machine just turing off. This was progress...


    I selected "restart", and BOOM. Fixed the problem and booted up normally. 


    TLDR; Switch HDMI cables and give it a shot. It worked for me. 

  • Well, I had this issue and I have been searching the internet in order to find solution, however all I have found is either temporary fix or really nasty nonsense.

    Here is what really worked for me and issue never happened again:

    I bought the playstation 4, brough it home and ended up in PS4 safe mode loop.
    I tried few things like plugging it off from electricity, back on (as mostly suggested on  internet). I tried this "reset it /upgrade it" thing, but that's not it....
    Sometimes I actually managed to turn it on and play something, but next time i turned it off, safe mode loop happened again next time I tried to turn it back on.

    I went to the place I bought it and they gave me another one.

    When I came home, same thing happened!

    Now, that is odd...

    I went to my friend with it and tried it and it works perfectly.

    I came back home and now when it was obvious that thing is environmental, I tried some experimenting...

    I moved my TV and PS into another room, started it there and it worked flawlesly...

    I looked around my original TV place and I had:
    1) TV
    2) PS4
    3) Internet Router
    4) IPTV box
    5) Digital TV reciever

    Started with turning of one by one until I figured out it works without router.
    Got another one, and issue never happened again.

    1)Try it at your friends house
    2) Turn off all appliances around it (except TV obviously)
    3) Find if it works that way (and then pinpoint exact piece of electronic that causes your PS4 to go into safe mode loop)
    4) Replace it or try to keep it as much away you can

    Keep in mind that my issue wasn't because WIFI interference as I previosuly thought, but I guess that could also be a problem (but less likely).
    Try to plug appliances in different jacks etc...

    Keep in mind that every time you make the change to test, it will go into safe mode , so before you run it (plug it off and on before start testing without one of environmental factors )

  • A very easy way to get rid of this glitch is as follows:
    Unplug your console while it's showing the safe mode screen
    Leave it for 10-20 minutes(15 is perfect)
    Plug it back
  • I need help on how to get rid of the ps4 loop Everytime time I select a option my ps4 turns off restarts and goes back to the options screens at this point I have no clue what to do
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  • sam6862 (Support MVP)

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    Probably, the power button is stuck held in, or the sensor of old PS4 thinks the button is held in.


    Try doing what was suggested, unplug the console for 10-20 minutes.


    I have an old PS4, CUH-1001, once had some issues with power button sensor. While on, I hear a "Beep" and see entering rest mode when no one touched the power sensor, and when I try to turn on it powered off. I almost would have got stuck in safe mode loop if power button sensor thinks I held down power button all the time. Unplug appears to have fixed or stopped this problem for now.

  • Unknown

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    Hopes my experience helps:

    I was playing during the night and the suddenly PS4 switched off. When trying to turn it on just switched on the blue/white lights and then turned off immediately. Like it could not start. I left it turned off and plugged to the power supply all the night.

    The next day tried to turn it on and appeared the Safe Mode screen and selecting option 1 made the PS4 enter in the Safe Mode loop going back to the same screen. From this forum I've tried to unplug the power cable for 15-20 minutes. And also disconnected the HDMI cable and USB cable for the controller. Always returned to the Safe Mode screen.

    It was time to start trying with the options, and I've tried the #1, restarting the PS4 (which did not work earlier). Now it worked, and I had to reconfigure the PS4, linking the user in the Playstation Network and downloading the games purchased online.

    Hope this lasts and I do not have to deal with this in the future.


  • Help no matter what I press on my safe mode menu it take me back to the loop safe menu 
  • None of these work please help
  • zerkaio

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    I was having this same issue in my case I bought a new hard drive. That fix the problem, I think the safe mode loop is the system way of letting you know your hard drive is dying.

  • I was in the middle of playing when the ps4 crashed and went to the screen saying i needed to do reinstallation of version 5.55 and ould continue in loop, would i only need to replace hard drive or do i have to get the update file for it? Please help
  • Unknown

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    I don't know if this will work for everyone but for me, all I had to do was do reset to default settings. Your accounts and all of your games and game data will still be there. The only thing is you'll have to reapply your time zone, date, and any themes you have on your playstation. plus you'll have to re enter your wifi password. But your games, PSPLUS, and other stuff will be there
  • I can't even rebuild the database
  • I was installing the new Destiny update for Forsaken. It said it downloaded and when I went into the game it froze then booted me out saying it couldnt open the app. So i shut the system off went to do the same thing and it froze once more. So I shut the system off and when it came back on it went to safe mode with no options. So I held down the power button, it beeped twice and finally I saw the different options. Ive tried all of them and still it does the loop, even tried the update 5.56 on a USB drive and still says it cant download the update. Ive tried a different tv in the house and the same issue happened along with trying to switch out the HDMI along with every youtube video or other forms just doesnt work. However everything is fine on my mothers ps4, the update went through and im able to play destiny on her system. The only option I have now is to try and get a new HDD but I have a fear that it just may not work. So at this point is it just worth it to get a whole new system?