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02 Dec 2019 10:54 AM
By: dadmilkman

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WD Elements external hard-drive glitch?

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I have a ps4 and use a WD Elements 4TB external harddrive to save all my games. This morning I safely unplugged the harddrive from the ps4 and plugged it into my computer, to save some files. On my computer, the harddrive wouldn't show. Some people online said this may because somethings gone bad in the harddrive, but I've had no issues with it in the year I've owned it and in fact used it just last night to play games for a few hours. So I plug it back into my ps4 and it says the device is not recognized, and when I go into system usb devices, its asking me to format the device as extended storage in order to use it, which will delete all the data on it. But its already been used as extended storage, for the whole year I've owned it, it already has almost a terabyte of games and gamedata on it. And I have unplugged it in the past, plenty of times, when moving my furniture or letting a friend borrow my ps4, so this has never been an issue. Is this a known problem with this type of external harddrive? Or maybe this brand? What can/should I do?