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11 Aug 2019 06:44 PM
By: SurvivalKittsen

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20th anniversary dualshock 4 won't auto off. Lightbar on, unresponsive

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I bought a 20th Anniversary Dualshock 4 from Amazon and twice now I was sent one that won't auto turn off. My others do fine. This one freezes, the light bar stays on but the controller is unresponsive- even if directly plugged in. Only indicator it could be fake is the back and box say "Sony computer entertainment", not "Sony Interactive Entertainment" like my newer ones. The paper insert is folded and looks cut unevenly, but idk if I'm reaching on that because I know it's an older model. I'm on ps4 pro but my older original ps4 controllers never have this issue. I've tried all troubleshooting. Yes resetting it from the back works, but same issue comes up. I want the berry color from the same Amazon seller, so would rather not get a fake or dud. First one sent also had vibration issues. Both not packaged well, little padding. Any ideas? Can't find anything online explaining this. Thanks❤️

  • chaos_789 (Support MVP)

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    The name doesn't mean it's a fake, the 20th anniversary PS4 came out in 2015, Playstation was still known as Sony Computer Entertainment then, they didn't change the name to Sony Interactive Entertainment until 2016.


    Since the 20th anniversary controller wasn't sold seperately, I am assuming it was a scalper, since it was a marketplace seller, you can contact them about the problems you are having, getting 2 faulty controllers is unlikely, as that would be a low chance.