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12 Feb 2020 05:38 PM
By: loesugaree

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2 systems

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We have 2 PlayStation 4 systems in our house. The one in the living room Is our primary PS4, and my son has one in his bedroom. We have a PS Now subscription on our primary PS4, is there any way my son Can play PS Now subscription In his bedroom on his console. I'd rather not Get two different subscriptions to PlayStation Now.

  • kisuma1 (Support MVP)

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    Your thread title is too vague. The title should be more descriptive like: "Can a PS Now subscription be shared?"; "Can more than one account use PS Now?". That would give us an idea of what to expect without even having to open the thread. There is also a PS Now support section where PS Now support members can offer even more assistance.




    For clarification, PS Now is a subscription service for an account, not the console. If your son's account is on the same console, has he tried to see if he can access the service?