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12 Feb 2020 01:48 PM
By: C_H_U_B_B_S

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Automatic Downloads Inquiry

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Hello everyone.  I'm sure this has been posted in the past, but nothing immediately popped up when searching "automatic downloads", "automatic", or "Application Update Files"... so here I am.

My PS4 used to work well when it came to automatically updating system software and/or application files.  For whatever reason, that is no longer the case.  This is not a huge issue for me since I have patience, but it's frustrating when I can can't figure out why 'things' are not working the way they used to.  What changed?  I tried playing Modern Warefare last night, but soon realized that was not going to be possible because there was a 50 GB download required to play online  No biggie... looks like I just had to wait another day to play.

Does anyone have this same problem where the PS4 no longer downloads and/or installs new software or application updates?  If so, is there a fix?

I've been having this problem for a couple years now; the problem is not with any partiucular one game.

All my settings are still correct.  I followed the instructions (below) to double check:

Step 1: Navigate to Settings > Power Save Settings > Set Features Available in Rest Mode.
Step 2: Check both Stay Connected to the Internet and Enable Turning On of PS4 from Network. If Enable Turning on PS4 from Network is not checked your purchased content will begin downloading automatically when you next turn on your PS4™.
Step 3: Go back to Settings > System > Automatic Downloads.
Step 4: Click the check box next to the types of content you wish to automatically download.

Featured Content: Automatically add download links for featured content  to the home screen.
System Software Update Files: Automatically download system software updates while the PS4™ is on or in Rest Mode and will auto install if they don't require a console restart.
Allow Restart: Automatically update system software in Rest Mode even when a console restart is required. Game left suspended in Rest Mode will lose save progress upon restart.
Application Update Files: Automatically download application update files while the PS4™ is on, or even in Rest Mode with a PlayStation Plus Membership.

Step 5: Leave the PS4™ in Rest Mode to allow automatic downloads. To do this, press and hold the PS button on the controller to view the Quick Menu. Then select Power > Enter Rest Mode.





  • If this game is the only one you're having problems with, I woudn't be surprised. CoD MW has a num-ber of issues and so far the updates do not seem to have helped -- in some cases the update created more problems. I suggest you contact Activision and ask them what they are going to do about this glitchy game.
  • Yes, I see the updated portion of your thread, as per your message to me. I hate to say this but if your console is several years old, it may just be failing. It's hard to say when or in what manner an electronic device will "go bad", but they aren't made to last forever.