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15 Feb 2016 11:55 PM
By: Stimee

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Dualshock 4 Controller does not work in games or applications. but works to control home screen.

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So I purchased this PS4 about a week ago and already its having issues.  I can use the dualshock 4 to controller the home screen and to launch applications and games.  But I can not use the dual shock once the game or app actually launches.


Ive scoured the support forums and googled the issue but have not been able to find a solution.


Reseting the dual shock doesnt work.


Unpairing the dual shock and reparing doesn twork.


Paring the dual shock to another device and then unpairing then reseting doesnt work.


rebuilidng ps4 database doesnt work.


Kind of at a loss here.  Pretty disapointed in the fact that a brand new dual shock could be bad after a week.  Especially when it can control the home screen.


My Xbox never has any of these problems.

  • gkpama00 (Support MVP)

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    If the controller works with the Dynamic Menu, then it isn't a hardware problem.  The controller doesn't even know what the console is doing.  I have seen this happen when the game believes that the controller that you are using is not the "first" one.  Any DualShock 4 controller can operate the Dynamic Menu interface, but a single player game will only respond to the first controller that logged-in to the console.  Check the Controller settings screen under Devices in the Settings app, and make sure that your controller is the only one that is active.  Also make sure that you don't have any Remote Play sessions open from a PS Vita or PS TV.

  • had the same issue with one of the kids controller and after looking at lots of sites mostly rubbish i found i that helped me fix my controller, turned out  to be there was a button jammed.  

    Connect your ps4 controller to your pc using the usb cable and wait  for driver to install. I got Windows 7 . Please don't ask for help with a different OS's.

    Go to start - - > devices and printers and find the connected controller (for me shown as “wireless controller”) right-click on it  and  hit  “game controller settings”.

    It will open a window, find the properties button and open it ,will have 2 options settings and test

    select test and you should have x/y axis dead center of the square, z axis and rotation half way and x/y rotation all the way to the left, the 14 buttons should be all dark and lastly the point of view hat should be a dot with a circle around it 

    if anything is not as described then you will know straight away there is a problem with the controller  if not test every buttons and as you press or move the R/L 123, THE D PAD  the test screen will change and you should find the problem button

    my issue was a tiny piece stuck on the L3 button .

    good luck 

  • So far this is the closest I've come to finding the issue and solution to this issue. I found my L2 button is stuck. I haven't gotten a chance to tear the controller down yet but hooking it up the my laptop definitely pointed in a good direction! Thank you
  • What gkpama00 said worked perfectly. My L2 was stuck in the depressed position.

    To help anybody else out, first go to settings tab and press the "Reset to Default" button. Then go to the test tab and the calibration settings are as follows;

    Z Axis - Represents the right joystick (R3) movement from left to right. The bar should indicate a half illuminated bar at the untouched position. If you press the joystick right, the bar should show full opacity (full bar). If you press left then it should show no opacity (empty bar).

    X Rotation - Represents the L2 button. No opacity is untouched. Full opacity is fully depressed. This button also represents button #7. (Mine was showing a half opaque bar and the #7 was illuminated. I just pulled the button outwards and it unjammed.)

    Y Rotation - Represents the R2 button and button # 8. Just like the L2 button it will show no opacity untouched and full opacity fully depressed.

    Z Rotation - Represents the right joystick movement up and down.


    1 - Square

    2 - X

    3 - Circle

    4 - Triangle

    5 - L1

    6 - R1

    7 - L2

    8 - R2

    9 - Share 

    10 - Options

    11 - L3

    12 - R3

    13 - PlayStation Home Button

    14 - Touch Pad

    The point of view hat shows the Directional Pad buttons. You will see a red arrow pop up on the outer circle showing what direction you are depressing. If pressing up and right at the same time, it will show the arrow point at the half way point between 1 o'clock and 2 o'clock. So on and so forth.

    Hopefully this helps everybody else who seems to be running into the same problem. Good luck.

  • user164806 posted this at His advice helped me. I was playing a fantastic cop chase in Watchdog 2 and suddenly my controller became unresponsive. It was the best run ever and I was disconcerted on why my controller became unresponsive. I thought my controller was defunct! thetrekkie's advice was helpful in determining if my controller was at fault. So figured out it was not a hardware issue but a software issue. I followed the stackexchange advice and now my controller is working! So probably the easiest method is to just unplug the power cable from an unpowered PS4 and plug it back in.
  •  I was playing and sadnly all the right buttens stop working and the home butten t

  • Same happened to my sons controller. His L2 button was partially pressed in and I wiggled it a bit then it popped back into placed and problem has stopped. Many thanks for this thread I thought the system was busted lmao.
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  • Trying to solve this too . . . 
  • Same problem here, I have a Chromebook is this still okay to do on there? 
  • One of my sticks were stuck down. I'd recommend playing with your buttons
  • my x button doesnt work after i log into the account on my ps4 i'll log in and then after i log in and try to get on a game i try to select it the x button doesnt work its been going on for 3 days havent even been able to play