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02 Dec 2019 08:39 PM
By: Resent_Regent

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Error messages for networking, tried reinstalling/updating system

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Now my system won't start up normally, only in safe mode. I recently was given this ps4 because the networking wasn't working and I was asked to troubleshoot. I tried re-initializing it and now it won't turn on normally. The screen seems to buzz out and stays blank. Sometimes it says it needs to reinstall.

I can boot it into safe mode and go down the list of things to do. I wasn't expecting this much trouble.

  • Have you considered sending it to Sony for repair or replacing the hard drive yourself?
  • How much would sending it to sony cost? I could replace the hard drive but I'm not sure that's the issue. Since I've worked on it since the last message I got the HDMI to work, seems like that's going bad. I had to pull the cord a certain way to stress the port for a connection. This doesn't explain my network issue tho
  • You'd have to contact Sony customer service for that information.