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03 Dec 2019 07:33 AM
By: cottfamily

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Family Management Help Pls

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Hi, silly question, I am new to this PS4 Family Management. I have tried to set up accounts for my children under my account and so far it is all ok, however I have used the kids name and year they were born as their online id and I NEED to change it for privacy reasons. I have tried everything but it tells me that as they are a child I cannot do anything. I cant delete them or anything, is this right, surely I can change their username somehow. The profiles have never been used.

Thanks heaps in advance for any help.

Worried mum


  • There is nothing you can do except create new accounts for them.
  • You should never under any circumstance use personal information when creating user accounts. In fact you're usually warned against this with pretty much any online account you create.


    Since the accounts are still new and have no history on them. Simply start over again and create new accounts for your children, as @Brises_0000 suggested.


    As for deleting user accounts. They can be deleted from the console, but not from Sony servers. Since the accounts are new there's nothing of value on them anyways, so that shouldn't be an issue.


    However before deleting the accounts I would suggest editing all the personal information you provided when creating the account.


    You can pretty much put any nonsensical thing you want within the fields boxes. The date of birth is the only thing you no longer have access to, but if the field boxes contain gibberish, then it wouldn't matter anyways.






  • You can't re-use the email addresses on new accounts, unless you change them on the old accounts, first. Be sure to use valid email addresses because information, such as receipts for purchases, are sent to these addresses.