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11 Aug 2019 02:57 PM
By: Lord-Tallington

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Major trouble setting up a new internal HDD

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I've put a new empty, formatted 1TB HDD in my console, which booted up in Safe Mode as I assume is natural. I then followed the steps to get it sorted I was given to the letter: I downloaded a version of the latest update (6.72) from the official page on the Sony/PS4 website onto a FAT32-formatted USB stick with Plenty of GB's of free space, but that didn't actually work once - it kept saying the update file on the USB 'can't be used' and throwing 'error ce-34788-0 ' at me.

Surely this doesn't make sense? I've done all it asked; made sure it was the latest one and made sure it was from the official source, surely there's no valid reason for it Not to work?

And now, I've since even put the update folder on the HDD directly too for good measure - but that didn't work either - and so I just gave up and put the original default 500GB HDD that came with it back in, which DID work fine earlier when I checked if the 6.72 update was console-based and I could just do it that way, but now it's suddenly gotten messed up somehow and is putting me in the same situation as the 1TB one - so now it's stuck in Safe Mode going in circles about how I need to have a USB with the latest update file on it, which it IS, and then telling me it can't use it with the same error every time - over and over again. And it can't leave Safe Mode so now I can't use it for anything, not even being able to get to the basic login screen.

Anyone else ran into this particular nonsensical wall? Any help??

  • vfr_800_rider (Support MVP)

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    You cannot use the update file to install the system software on a new hard drive.  You need the full system software file - it is about 900Mb.  The update is about 300Mb.  And there is no point putting on the hard drive “for good measure” -  the boot software only looks for it on a USB drive and the file must be in the correct directory and sub-directory, and those directories must be spelled correctly.


    The filename must also be spelled correctly.

  • Just out of curiosity does the new hard drive happen to be Western Digital?