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14 Feb 2020 01:33 PM
By: MoistToucan

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Remote play without taking control?

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Is there a way to have remote play up on desktop without taking control so i can still use my ps4 normally? A second screen of sorts.

  • chaos_789 (Support MVP)

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    No, it's called remote play because it allows you to remotely take control of your PS4 from another device, all it does is stream your PS4 display to another device, so you may control it and play games using that other device.
  • JERM7 (Support MVP)

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    You could just stream from your PS4 while you play.
  • GraphiteGB (Support MVP)

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    NO and you require a Primary scren to set up remote play...

    The PS4 NEEDS a HDMI device connected TO SEE the information to set up remote play to start with...

    Scecon screen applications are called PLAYLINK apps they Add Additional functions extra to the diplayed functions on the primary screen these ONLY run with the selected pre encoded games you have to get..

    Playlink game + the playlink mobile app... result in second screen usage...