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12 Aug 2019 03:43 PM
By: xDuvii

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V8 Gaming Headsets aren't support in my ps4 slim

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It say Bluetooth audio devices aren't support by the ps4 please can they fix that. Are new

  • PS4 only supports officially licenced bluetooth headsets. There is a dongle that should enable it to work. Look it up.
  • GraphiteGB (Support MVP)

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    As stated in october 2013, (yes thats 2013 is not a typo..) they would never be supporting the proprietary MOBILE bluetooh Headsets technology... thats required for game audio over bluetooth... no AD2P, no APTX, There is no bluetooth game audio usage headsets.. ZERO for PS4...

    USB Wireless game audio headsets use RF wireless base stations or dongle over the 2.4ghz or 5Ghz bands. 

    Using a USB to bluetooth dongle is not native usage thats a bodge that emulates a wired USB heaset. the dongles are built to support Limited headsets that support APTX which the V8 does not..

    Just use the bluetooth connection on your HDTV to get game audio... what do you mean your HDTV does not support Bluetooth audio....

    Well use your HDMI amp bluetooth connection then. wait, what do you mean that does not have bluetooth at all ethier...

    Real waste of money this bluetooth stuff if nothing in your house supports it...

    Plug the 3.5mm connection wire into DS4 and plug the other end in to 3.5mm socket on V8 headset then and youll have to use the proprietary audio feed jack on DS4...