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09 Oct 2019 12:00 AM
By: redpat2061

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Update 7 just bricked my console

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Dont get it!

  • kisuma1 (Support MVP)

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    People have been claiming that firmware updates have "bricked" their console since the very first update for the PS3. If you search the forums, you'll see that someone creates this very topic every few months and receives the same type of replies.


    I can personally count on one hand the num.ber of times a firmware update was rolled back due to it causing issues. An update doesn't directly cause a console to fail, because if it did, every console would fail.


    Even if 10,000 out of 100,000 consoles were to fail after being updated, that's still not proof enough to type it was the update. Every console that is sold has a chance to fail, and every customer doesn't treat their console equally. Human error plays a major factor on it's lifespan, and is the one thing that can't be fully predicted.

  • @UneasyBBJ


    Nobody has blamed the user for problems that may be unrelated to the update. People are just responding to those that insist that the update is the problem when they are to stupid to understand the technology in the first place.


    The OP said nothing more than "Don't get it". That is irresponsible considering that some 100 million consoles got exactly the same update and probably 90% of them work just fine.

  • Hi! How you doing guys ?

    You see i brought PS4 slim last month. It was doing well. GTA5 was smooth, except few framdrops on city while driving which was hardly noticeable.

    But whenever i updated to 7.0 it effected my gameplay. Example: driving through Franklin garage to city, parking truck on laster garage on diamond/j shop stoling mission i'm having terrible lagging or framedrop. It is visible and uncomfy. I also tried L1+R1 to clear up cache, but didn't changed anything. Can anyone know how to fix this? Can anybody help me ?

  • My PRO has the same problem. Its maybe a year and a half old, used rarely until the last 2 months, only thing on it is BO4, Fortnight, Spiderman, GoW, Netflix and Disney+. I did a complete reset before I left for work tonight, gonna log back in and re download everything when I get home in the morning and see if that fixes anythin . 
  • Dotowho

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    It crashes two of mine... not (supposedly) but literally. I updated one and it never worked again.. purchased one today and when it was updated it froze and won't thakle the update now. Whent through entire list on retsart and nothing works. Won't even take the update now. both issues started at the time of reboot after insatll. 
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