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24 Jun 2016 07:31 PM
By: Dead-Sync (Support MVP)

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[INFO] PlayStation System Software

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While you can download and install System Software updates via PlayStation consoles themselves, you may need to manually install the System Software in the case of new hardware installation (such as installing a new Hard Drive) or to troubleshoot another problem.

The information and links below review the various ways in which you can update or install system software for your PlayStation device.


PlayStation 4

PS4 System Software can be updated by:

  • Using the system's network update feature
  • Using a disc that contains update data
  • Using a computer with a flash drive - Note that the PS4 has two different System Software installation files when updating using a flash drive:
    • One is an update file for updating a system with an existing and working system OS.
    • The other is a new install file for systems with a system OS (new HDD), or when a fresh install is needed for troubleshooting purposes. 

PlayStation 3

PS3 System Software can be updated by:

  • Using the system's network update feature
  • A disc that contains update data
  • A computer with a flash drive

PlayStation Vita / PlayStation TV

PS VITA System Software can be updated by:

  • Using the system's network update feature
  • Connecting to a PS3 system
  • Conneting to a computer and using the Content Manager Assistant software for PC/Mac
  • Using a PS VITA card that contains an update file

PS TV System Software can be updated by:

  • The system's network update feature
  • Using a computer with a flash drive
  • Using a PS VITA card that contains an update file

PlayStation Portable (PSP)

PSP System Software can be updated by:

  • The system's network update feature
  • Using a PC (via USB cable or Memory Stick media)
  • A UMD containing update date


  1. Ensure that you save the update file to the USB drive folder directory specifically listed on the instructions page.
  2. Ensure that the USB drive is in a FAT32 format. If your USB drive is in a different format, you may need to reformat your drive to FAT32 with a computer. (Note: Reformatting a drive will erase any content currently on it)
  3. If your console is still not recognizing the update file, try using a computer to remove the .PUP extension from the filename. In some cases, users have reported this resolving the problem.
  4. If your console is recognizing the file but the installation process fails repeatedly, your internal system storage drive may be corrupted. Try reformatting the internal system storage drive using a computer, or replace it with a new drive.
  5. Still having trouble? Ask the community on the PlayStation Support Forums or contact support via Live Chat. Be sure to be as descriptive as possible of the problem you are experiencing.

Additional Notes

  • Prior to updating your system software (via any method) it is reccommended you back-up any important save data. Since system software updates make alterations to the firmware of your console, any interruptions during the update (ex. power outage) can result in corruption of the system's firmware, which may require initilization of the console and loss of data.
  • Some system software updates are required for continued use of network features. You will be notified if a specific update is required.
  • Please note this topic thread is not monitored for support requests. If you need further support, please create a new topic in the Consoles & Peripherals support section, or contact support via Live Chat.

  • ueLANSH

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    The instructions for upgrading HDD should include a big note about the update file (450MB) vs the reinstall file (1GB).  Also, error code CE-34788-0 should have some explanation if you're updating vs reinstalling because that's the error code it shows with a new HDD and people will just keep re-downloading the wrong file.

  • Im not sure if this is the place for this but Im going to ask anyway. I have not updated my ps3 for 6 years or so. Im updating from 4.78. The dowload install file says that it is update 5.81. But what about all the updates between those? Will I be screwed if I used these updates via usb drive? Also is it true about performance issues with 4.84? Thank you in advacne.
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  • My System when it turns on it just stays a black screen and when I try to put it in safe mode it does the same black screen.When it's loading to start up the ps4 it stays on 0%. Help!!!!!!!!!

  • IamBND

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    My PS4 is CUH_1115A and after updating to system software 7.01 , my fan is over-functioning,Maybe fan is fine and my PS4 temperature is increasing.

    I need help.

  • test
  • I need help I have tried all 3 ways to update system software and it not installing....... 
  • PS4 file update is coruppted have tried all three ways can't get it to update.    
  • 7.02 is freezing and lagging PS4 fix this 

  • yes i need 
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