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18 Aug 2015
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For those who have problem with payment

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If you having a problem with your payment you come to the right place hopefully you will translate it to other languages

If you're trying to buy something on the PSN and you having an error "the credit card information is not valid... " or the error on the console "E-82000171"

And I know that you were able to purchase stuff before basically it happens if you stop purchasing stuff on PSN for a long time

No matter how you trying to buy it via credit card/PayPal /redeem code/adding funds and it's still not allow you, and you 100 percent sure that you edit your information correct you need to knowthat your account was temporary blocked by Sony security system, no need to freak out it normal

The explanation for this is simple you were editing too much times the payment method information that's why PSN block your account for some security reasons maybe they think you're trying to edit a stolen credit card or PayPal

But if you're new to Sony and you have this error you need to check your billing information if its own credit card and you need to edit it correct you need to edit your full address on the first line with the house number try different typing methods

And now the solution for this problem the block timer is about 24 hours too a week you need to know something each time you tried to buy something and the error showed up the timer resets itself to another 24 hours or more
What you need to do to fix it
first of all make sure your edit your credit card information and billing address correct has Sony wants it
If using PayPal make sure to edit the email address and the password correct
Second part is the most boring I recommend to wait a week before next purchase
And then you will be able to purchase stuff after the blocker time is out
Third after waiting a week you can buy your stuff from the PSN now

Hopefully this information was helpful I got it from the 3rd party Sony support in my country

I had experiencing this issue 3 times this is my 4 time

  • younginflavor18 (Support MVP)

    Yo! :smileyhappy:


    That is awesome of you writing this and I am optimistic that it can be beneficial to another user, .


    Anyways, I appreciate the efforts and I hope this thread can be used as a future reference to those who are having trouble adding in CC/PayPal info.

  • This is b.s
  • I have to wait a week are you kidding me
  • This is my recommendation
    That's what I did when I had this problem
    Now I'm trying different time periods before purchasing
    Waited 24 hours - didn't work out for me
    Now I'm waiting 48 hours if it will work I updated this post
  • Sorry, but due to my experience with this issue, I highly doubt this will work for most users. In my case, which has been going on for nearly 6 months, the same credit card I used (that wasn't expired) just stopped working on PSN one day, and despite me deleting and re-entering the info, trying different cards, PayPal,  waiting days, weeks, etc., no purchases are able to be made under my account unless I buy PSN cards and redeem the code. Sony's support on this issue is completely worthless, and the issue is only able to be resolved by them.

  • I'll post tomorrow if it worked for me
    As I told ihad this issue 3 times and that's what I did to solve it
  • Thanks so much i have such a hard time with this

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  • Same Issue here.

    Bought 2 games, then stop any payment in the next days.

    I suspect because i use a VPN. Now there are 5 days that i can't buy anything.. even if i don't use Vpn.

    I tried every days to see if was working because the assistant service by phone, said the 13 nov to wait 8 hours and try again...  so i need to wait another week from today?


  • I don't use a VPN... No Proxy... No reason that it shouldn't work and to be honest it's ridiculous that when I called to get it taken care of they said "go to the store and buy a pre-paid card from now on"


    What is this... Amateur hour?!?!

  • I bought a game a couple weeks ago. For some reason I cannot buy games anymore. My information was correct, I didn't stop buying games for an extreme ammount of time but I don't buy regularly (like a person who pays bills).

    I can't get any support on this. I just wanted to take advantage of a few sales. It makes no sense why my payment information is showing as invalid. I even called my local bank and they said my information is correct.

    This is extremely bothersome.
  • It's going on two weeks since the PS store stopped taking my money and I still get denied with Paypal or a valid credit card even though I haven't purchased anything since this supposed waiting period should have expired. Billing is verified and correct. Customer service is useless. 
  • you need to put in the full zip code, including the last 4 digits (e.g. 12345-6789) for both your billing and physical address.

    even then if you are blocked now because you tried too many times, you need to wait 1-7 days before these dumb jerks decide to let you give them money.

    or else just buy PS cards on amazon. you will never have this problem on amazon.

  • this is useless nothing works & support sucks looks like xbox this yr for xmas and the ps4 now a door stop!!
  • Hey I am having a problem with my code from psn I tried to buy ww2 with putting my codes in at the shopkart with the game and I  think they blocked the code, I had to go to the wallet first cause when I putted my second code in the wallet himself it acceeded imidiatly so what now...? Cause when I put my code in the wallet himself it says a correct password but when I click continue it says not more valueble.... pff
  • Thanks for the info! But, one point of clarification: these lockouts weren't just for accounts that hadn't charged anything in a "long time" or that "edited payment methods too much." Sony did it much more randomly than that because I'd just purchased a Plus annual on October 26th and suddenly couldn't buy anything about a week later without any changes on my account. My credit card company says they're approving the $1.00 pending charges from Sony but the Sony Store continues to deny my attempts to buy stuff. So, I've stopped attempting to buy stuff. Maybe I'll try again in a couple months. Or not. It's one way to save money. Haha!
  • Huh, well for someone like me who just bought a PS4 and expected to buy some games on sale this week, this really sucks. It accepted my payment for one game, and now there are two sitting in my cart that suddenly won't accept payment. I guess Sony's Black Friday and Cyber Monday aren't high priorities for Sony. We'll see if my payment gets accepted tomorrow, I guess. Or I'll just pick up physical copies and pretend it's not the 21st century.
  • does not work. I have been trying since June to get mine to work. Called psn and they showed it blocked. I waited a week, called them to make sure before i made a new purchase it was unblocked, they said yes, instant block on first try without changing any info. I had capitol one send me a new credit card with a new number. Again had psn on the phone the second i tried the new card. Instant block. Next i tried my normal bank credit card. Instant block. Went through this waiting out the blocks everytime with a total of 5 credit cards. And pay pal, every time i get instant blocked first attempt. I am so ******. My wife's card works on her account i tired it on mine. Blocked.  There new solution is to use only cards from Wal-Mart. But then i lose my 10% off i get on my capitol one PlayStation card. 10 points per dollar. 100 points equals 1 dollar. I have spent thousands with them. And this is how i get treated.
  • This is so irritating. I wound up buying one game that was on sale for PS4 on Steam instead even though it was 3 dollars more because at least it would let me buy it. I still can't get the one game I really want, no matter what card I use. They need to fix their payment system. Badly.

    Though going on about "this is how you're treated". . .no, "you're" not being treated any particular way, the system is just experiencing some sort of massive issue. It's not like there's someone behind the scenes going "oh, that guy again? HAHA NO GAMES FOR YOU." 

    Hey guys, I had the exact same issue, PayPal suddenly not working and it wouldn't add my cc even tho I know all the info was correct and this was really ******* me off! For the hell of it it, I tried restoring licences under account management, and now it works!! PayPal does anyway, haven't tried to add a cc yet, but my Paypal is working and that's all I care about!

    Give it a shot and see if it works. I can attest it did for me! 

  • I tried for hours but i tried to restore lisences and now it WOOOORKS!!!! THAAAANKSS DUUUUDE!!!!!^^^^^^^