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09 Aug 2016 06:27 PM
By: VeryTori

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Forgot Email to PSN Account

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I created an account a while back, but have since forgotten which email it is associated to. I know the birthday, and security answer, but can't remember the email. Any chance I could recover the account??





  • Dead-Sync (Support MVP)

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    Have you tried searching your email inboxes for messages from PSN? Maybe if you find emails from PSN that means that's the email you used.


    In all fairness, you can't have THAT many e-mail addresses can you? You should be able to get it to work with a little trial and error no? You can use this in conjuction with th forgot your password page:!input.action?troubleSignIn=true

  • I have quite a few emails, but most of the emails I use are under one account, so either it got deleted, or I didn't use one of those. I checked a couple other emails that I commonly use for things like that, and no success. I also contacted psn support, and they say that the online id is the incorrect one and doesn't exist, but I checked it in the create an account thing, and it says that it was taken! Makes no sense. Either it was taken before I made that first account, which is unlikely, or something happened to that account, a glitch occured, or something. I know that account exists, though, because I searched in the profile finder, and it says that it is private.


    This whole thing is frusterating. I have used that name as my gamertag for years and I am sentimental to that name, so I can't just leave it alone as if it means nothing to me, because it does mean something! It would be one thing if it was some name with a bunch of x's and numbers, but it isn't that. This is what makes this so frusterating.



    Sorry if it seems like I am taking this out on you. I am not. I am just frusterated, and need to vent some lol.

  • DGH_By_Bots (Support MVP)

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    If all else fails you will need to contact support via live chat or phone.

    If you can prove to them that you are the owner of the account then they can tell you what the email was or change it if need.

    Be prepared to provide and verify the following info as support will ask for it.

    -Psn Name

    -DOB registered on the account (hopefully you entered this accurately when making the account)

    - Serial number of the playstation that your account was originally made on

    -last 4 digits of a credit or debit card currently on file for your account (if you had one linked)

    -Answer to your security questions. (If you had one set)

    Hopefully you can verify enough of this info for support. If you can they can tell you what the email was or change it if needed.

    If not then that account is gone for good unfortunately.

    Contact methods for NA support and their regular bussiness hours are in my signature below.
  • Hello i cannot log in my account i use the "trouble logging in " link put my email in and it tells me its not valid. Its the to my psn its saved on both my ps3 and ps4
  • apparently i have 2 accounts, one i cant remember the email or password but apparently im being charged $10.95 per month for some type of service that i know nothing about


  • Did VeryTori ever get this worked out?  I have an extremely similar issue... but the problem is that the email address I used was with a service that no longer exists (specifically, my name and went under as a mail service).
  • Unknown

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    I had some problem wit my account forgot and my email password  so cant really  get on it so can u guy help me
  • Akira_994 (Support MVP)

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    "I had some problem wit my account forgot and my email password  so cant really  get on it so can u guy help me (EMAIL ADDRESS REMOVED)"


    First, remove your email address from your post.  These are public forums, and you have posted your email address for the world to see.  (It's also against forum rules to post personal information.)


    You'll need to contact the Customer Support department directly, for the region of the account you're trying to recover.  As long as you can prove to them that the account is yours, Customer Support can reset the password and/or email address associated with the account, to allow you to access it again.


  • I forgot my pan email
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