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07 Jan 2016 08:14 AM

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Invalid Credit Card Bug

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I'm trying to purchase PlayStation Plus

But all credit cards I put, I receive the same message "Invalid Credit Card information"

I already tried 4 credit cards, no one worked, and I use those cards for other stuff with no issue, I'm used to buy stuff online with credit card


I also searched for this bug online and I see it is very common here where I live (Brazil)


Any suggestions how can I proceed?


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  • gkpama00 (Support MVP)

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    It is not a bug.  PSN rejects many payment cards that are valid elsewhere for a number of reasons.  It is not an accident.  It is completely intentional.  If the billing addresses of the cards do not match the registered home address of your PSN account, then there is no chance that PSN will accept them.  PSN also rejects international credit cards, most debit cards, cards from online banks that have not verified your billing address with postal mail, cards from banks that don't support the AVS address verification protocol; and several other more obscure reasons. If your card does not work, then you have to use another form of payment. PlayStation customer support cannot make PSN accept your card.

  • ok, and what about my case? my credit cards were working perfectly fine and now i´m getting the same error log..........!??!?!?!

  • So 12 hours before the January sale expires, they suddenly change PSN billing routine? Makes no sense. Never had any problem connecting my paypal to PSN. Has worked flawlessly for 7 (seven!) years.


    But I'll give it 24 hours, as the solution implies. 

  • Nope. Still unable to buy at PSN Store due to this error. 

    Someone here must have some sort of link to Sony and Playstation?


    I'm sure there are thousands of gamers having this issue.

  • It is actually a BUG! A defect! My card works well and then it becomes invalid. It happened 5 times already. HOW it can became invalid with out me changing anything?

  • Same here. One payment went through with a new CC, despite receiving an error message (CC billed, items received), but when I tried to buy something again a few minutes later, PSN started reporting a problem with my CC. No changes made on my side, but ... something happened with PSN store and it stopped accepting the Credit Card. Tried using the old one, which worked for about a year before, but now that also resulted in the error CC information is not valid. Called mu Bank and the Visa (CC) department, they checked the transactions and said that two payment have been verified and accepted by their system, but the online store (PSN) had cancelled these transactions. Now, every time I try to pay for something, a small amount is requested by PSN and payment verified by VISA, but the transaction keeps getting cancelled by PSN and I keep getting the error that my CC information is not valid.
  • Hi guys!!

    I'm having the same issue. I've bought a lot of games for Black Friday, and the credit card was working correctly, so my last purchase was on Octover 27th.

    Last week I tried to pre-purchase Lego Avengers, and the nightmare started.


    The Chat support has proven completely hopeless, but the at least they are consistent on the issues:


    1.- The account gets blocked after two consecutive failed attempts. There's no message indicating this, but if you retry, the blockage gets extended. First it's 48hs, then 72hs, and so on...


    2.- Apparently most of these issues come from the AVS (Address Verification System), that allows Sony to check the address the card was issued, and compares it to the one loaded on the account. If the card is not compatible with AVS, it looks like it gets rejected.


    3.- The Sony Support either doesn't know, doesn't care why the account was blocked, or for how long, so logic dictates once it gets unlocked, you have 99.9% chances to lock it again.


    4.- After you get annoyed, they might give you a 10 USD gift card... I already have 2.


    5.- There appears to be a case opened, for cards issued in Argentina, but that's all they told me, although watching this here, it looks like a pretty massive issue.


    6.- Paypal gets rejected as well, with as clear as any other explanations got from Sony.


    It's really shameful to get this level of support from such a monster company as Sony, and also, do we really need so many checkups?


    If somebody got a workaround to this, please inform! I will keep complaining until I save 6 more of those 10USD cards, and I can get myself that game...



  • drwu117

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    Is everyone getting the E-82027850 message?
  • So, this is happening to me now as well. None of Sony's help articles offer any assistance. Card was working flawlessly, then all of a sudden it stopped. Paypal also isn't working.


    Every other online service I use contnues to work fine. I'm incredibly annoyed at this point.

  • There's no solution. Buy your games elswhere or you can purchace account cards from Amazon and have them mailed to you buy why bother. I spoke to customer serivice after having the sam issue and they're hoping to have it fixed in a few weeks. I'm more than glad to spend my money where it's convienient. 

  • This is ridiculous!  My credit card worked once yesterday.  Then once today.  Why isn't this fixed?!

  • Sony this sucks you just lost  $150 sale .  FIX IT NOW !

  • Same issue here. Trying to purchase a new game and both of my credit cards got rejected....


    As a business this just seems like something that should be your number one priority, they are directly losing sales here.


    Very frustrating.

  • I'm in the exact same situation. Just bought a PS4, the CC info worked perfectly for the purchase of Playstation Plus.. and then... the error. All info is correct, I've triple-checked everything and matched the adddress on file with my bank exactly (caps and all!). However, I was able to circumvent this pain in the **bleep** by buying a pre-loaded digital PSN card on Amazon and entering the amount. It's not ideal, but if you're in a pinch to buy a sale game, that's your best option. I'm going to try to contact customer support soon, despite what people are saying about the general uphelpfulness. 

  • Yea no it is a bug cause my card works sometimes and other times it doesn't and I've called my bank and I even bought stuff on the same day so it's not the card
  • Fantastic! Got a new debit card a few weeks ago. Looks like this is still an issue. This also happens when trying to use paypal. Wish someone would actually figure it out and fix it.

  • Well this is just perfect. I don't know what they expect out of me. I my debit card was working just fine a couple of days ago, then yesterday, when I went to purchase No Man's Sky, it deemed my debit card as invalid. I know I haven't changed anything in my info that would cause it to do such things. But what was weird is that while I couldn't purchase No Man's Sky, I was able to purchase ESO Plus just fine. It's still doing it today too. What the hell is going on? This is not fair

  • 8/17/16


    This issue is still a problem to this day! It's been around for years! Today I attempted to purchase Uncharted 4, however I was unable to add funds to my wallet. I went to my credit card manager on my PS4 as instructed and noticed it still had my old address information (I moved in June). Oddly enough, I was able to make a number of purchases prior to this one without a problem. I deleted that information and tried to add my payment method with my current address. Nope, it didn't work... apparently my card (which I use at least once a week) is invalid. I went to the browser version of the Playstation store but no dice there as well. I copied everything correctly from my bank statements and it still doesn't work! What do they want from me!? Do they not have a system in place that can understand syntax differences? If the k in my name is supposed to be K or the S be s it shouldn't make a difference! Now I doubt I'll be able to buy anything from them again as my business just  isn't good enough for them it seems. If anyone finds the solution to this problem, please share.

  • I have nothing to add as a solution, I'm afraid, but I'm having the exact same issue.  I've tried typing in my adress in every way I can think of, and made sure it matched my bank statement exactly.  I've tried on the Playstation itself and on the website.  I finally tried chatting with support, and they more or less hung up on me after doing nothing but deleting my old card info.  I had a card stolen and had to replace it and enter new information, and that's when it started that the card would not work no matter what I did.  


    And, I'm seeing the forums admins have said this issue is solved?!  This is ridiculous Sony.  Adding my voice in the hopes that if they see they are losing enough business they'll fix it, but if it isn't fixed soon, I'll be happy to take my business elsewhere.

  • Having this issue as well. Three chat sessions over 72 hours and I still don't have a solution. Hoping that It will eventually work again. Have read some people have had this problem for months.
  • Same issue here. Very aggravating 

  • Just adding that I am yet another person being affected by this, and that it either wasn't actually solved or is showing a resurgence.  This'll be my first time having any issues with cards of any sort with Sony -- and it is specifically with Sony, as they work fine everywhere else.


    I would say that I guess I saved $50 from just not participating in the Flash Sale...but I'mma try using an Amazon online code and see if that works.


    EDIT: So, just saw I have an e-mail saying that my "Billing Agreement with Sony [...] has been Cancelled" -- presumably as a result of trying to use my cards and getting this error.  Uhhh...?


    EDIT 2: Can confirm that online codes purchased via Amazon do circumvent this issue.  If you gotta grab something in these sales, I recommend going this route.  ( Short notice, I know.  Sorry. :/ )

  • After 5 rounds with customer service and waiting about a week, my issue magically resolved itself.

  • Having same issue been using the same card since Janruary, not one problem up until Tuesday now it shows card info invalid ,paypal won't even work 

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