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14 Apr 2017 07:06 PM
By: xXAnimebeastXx

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my NAT Type keeps failing on my ps4 but i still get internet access???

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My ps4 wont let me do anything social, i cant play overwatch and i cant create parties, yet i can watch youtube and access the playstation store. When i run the connection test though it will say that my nat type failed but i still get all of my connection speeds. ill run the test again and it will give me my nat type as type 2 but i still wont get any access to anything online or sicial besides youtube or ps store. im connected to my router through an rthernet cable and still no dice its been like this for two days now and im missing out on the new overwatch event please help?!?!

  • Hey there! 


    Here are a few troubleshoooting suggestions:


    Suggestion I.

    Power cycle.  To Power cycle:

    1. Turn off the router/console

    2. Unplug from power

    3. Wait 5 minutes
    4. plug everything back in and turn them on

    5. Re-establish the connect.


    Suggestion II.

    (Should suggestion I fail..) Rebuild Database.

    Steps to enter safe mode are through this link:

    Once in safe mode, it is option 5 that you need. This will remove any possible corrupt data from the console.

    Once when this is done try to connect again.


    Suggestion III.


    It's possible your internet is completely fine and the PSN network is too, however sometimes the connection between the two isn't. Sometimes some certain internets have more trouble connecting to the  network than others are all. While nothing may have changed on your end, that is not to say it hasn't on your provider’s end there may be some congestion.

    Normally when you are not able to connect to PSN through the console, it would be a considered a Networking issue. Here is a link to their networking information:


    Hope This helps! 



  • After lot of searching finally found a decent fix for 

    NAT Type Failed - Playstation 4 problem

  • Lol that article was written by a moron. He referes many times to the PS4 NAT type, then goes on to show how to change the type in your router, lol. NAT type IS a router setting, it is not a PS4 setting and NAT type does not fail. It does exactly what it is suppose to do. At the highest setting it bocks certain types of connections for security reasons. It's just a matter of how secure the user wants their connecton to be. Playstation has always worked well with a NAT type of 2. This generation of games has serously forgotten how to learn stuff.