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03 Dec 2019 11:00 AM
By: temp-457549

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Online i-d

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So basically ive recently changed my online I'd to something witch i dont see any relevance to as code of conduct breach, psn have changed my online I'd with out I have always being known as jungle bunny as it's my race team name, and plastered all over my race bike so i thought i would change my online I'd to the same, now ive just come online i cannot have that name as it breaches code of conduct ? Is this newly updated as when I changed it to my race team name their was no issues what so ever, im not impressed with this situation as it's something I also identify as..... I would like this resolved as this is causing me distress and high levels  anxiety witch i suffer from really bad 

  • vfr_800_rider (Support MVP)

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    Posting your issue on a public forum is wasted effort - nobody here can resolve anything.  If SONY, in their sole and unfettered wisdom has decided that your choice of ID is not appropriate then there is nothing you can do.  Arguing with them is pointless.  Find another ID to use.
  • That term you want to use as an ID is racially offensive and it causes me anxiety to see it posted here. By the way, the term is also unacceptable on this forum, so I reported it.