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03 Dec 2019 08:24 AM
By: jbro24fan913

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Please help with adding another PS4 to my household

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So I just purchased by 2nd PS4 as an early Christmas present to myself.  What I am looking to do is transfer MY games from the old PS4 to the new PS4 while leaving the games like Fortnite that my kids play on the old one.  Of course my kids have used my account to play online.  How do I do this without deleting anything???  I would buy another PS + account if i had to.  Thanks  in advance!!!!

  • vfr_800_rider (Support MVP)

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    You simply need to sign into your new console with your PSN ID and download your games.


    Leave your account on the original console, make the original console primary for your ID and all other users on that console will be able to play your purchased games and DLC.  You simply need to keep the new console signed into the internet to play games purchased on your ID.

  • You should never have allowed your children to use your account. They should each have their own account under your account as family manager. In this way, you can put controls on their accounts, such as spending limits. You cannot use the same account at the same time on more than one console. They will need separate accounts to play when you're playing, in any case.