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02 Dec 2019 07:27 PM

Psn hacked

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My psn has been hacked and I need support to get it back 

  • I believe you mean your PSN account. No, it hasn't. 


    No Playstation account has ever been hacked – stolen, after someone foolishly gave out personal information, but not hacked . You either gave out your sign-in information on purpose (to game share) or inadvertently (perhaps by giving out personal information, such as your email address and birth date). Sony provides several ways to protect your account, (such as two-step verification and passcode required at check out) but it's up to the user to apply them and to use common sense. Don't gameshare. Don't give out personal information.


    In any case, no one can help you here. This is a public gamer-to-gamer support forum. You must contact Sony customer service.

  • I'm pretty sure you don't have your own PSN, and the PSN has not been hacked since 2011. Regardless, what you need is customer service, not this forum.