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14 Feb 2020 03:24 PM
By: Toonzer-Gaming

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Streaming Issues

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Streaming my games to twitch at 720p standard worked great. The same day I added playstation plus my streams on twitch are now very pixelated and look like crap. My internet speeds are 100 mbps down and 10mbps up and the ps4 is wired directly. Anyone have any ideas to what is happening?

  • JERM7 (Support MVP)

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    Are you playing online now or downloading PS+ games?

  • My son streams spyro and plants vs zombies to twitch almost everyday, These are games we bought at walmart over a year ago. The stream quality was always great, but now it is very pixelated streaming the same games. It started 4 days ago, the same day we purchased a month of playstation plus.