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03 Dec 2019 05:00 PM

poor refund policy

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was really hoping the customer service for this wasn't so bad.  now I have a 100 dollar game that i want nothing to do with.  that I had gotten less than a week ago and played for an hour.  

no longer will i ever buy a game that isn't on sale off of this store again.  

  • Is Sony responsible for your poor judgement? There are many resources out there for reviewing games, there is no excuse to buy something you aren't interested in. If you want to pre order or buy first day with no reviews, well that's your problem. People really shouldn't do that. Sony's policy is clear. No refunds once the game has been downloaded.
  • Still blows my mind some folks pre-order games, then complain when the game doesn't meet expectations. There's this thing called patience, if you cultivate it, you don't end up with $100 dollar games.


    The best part, patience is absolutly free. It doesn't cost you a dime, unless of course you don't have any.