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14 Feb 2020 01:44 PM
By: Elseelou

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Recieved email stating I had changed my email ID. 

I didnt.

My sons lost access to his ps4 subscription.


Figured out how to get a hold of someone (no easy feat) only to be told they cant cancle my stolen subscription nor refund it unless I dispute the payment with my bank.


I'm so confused.

  • You were either given bad information or misunderstood them. If you dispute the charge with your bank, the account will be banned. I suggest you call Sony customer support again and you may need to ask for a supervisor. They should be able to recover the account for you, as soon as you prove it's yours by answering their questions. They are closed for calls on the weekends, so call today.


    When the account is recovered be sure a complex password is used for the account that is not used elsewhere. Also, talk to your son about the need for privacy online and be sure he is not gamesharing.