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08 Jan 2018 10:22 AM
By: Dead-Sync (Support MVP)

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[INFO] Changing Your PSN Account Information

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If you're looking to change something with your PlayStation Network Account, you're in the right place! You can use the contents list below to navigate to your item of choice, and this guide will lay out what options are available to you.

*Some items may refer you to visit Account Information on a PlayStation console. Click below to learn how to reach this screen on:
PlayStation 4 / PlayStation 3 / PlayStation Vita / PlayStation TV




Online ID

Your Online ID is the visible username that other people can see and identify you as on PSN. Starting early 2019 (exact date TBD), you will be able to change your Online ID for PS4 and supported PS4 games. There will also be a beta-test of this feature from October 2018 to Late November 2018 for select users. Your Online ID as it appears on PS3 and PS Vita is unable to be changed. For more information on the upcoming Online ID change feature and the beta-test, please see this forum post.

ID / Email Address

Your Sign-In ID (your email address) is what you use to login to PSN and determines where email correspondence gets sent to. You can change your Sign-In ID / email address anytime from a PlayStation console under Account Information*, or with a web browser at Account Management

Please note that a specific Sign-In ID can only be used with one PSN Account at any given time. So if you have a secondary PSN Account that is already using the email address already that you wish to use, you will need to log in to that secondary PSN Account and change the Sign-In ID for that account first. This will free up that email address for use again with a different PSN Account.

NOTE: This should be considered semi-confidental. Do not post your Sign-In ID to other users in public places like these forums or in messages over PSN.


You can change the password of your PSN Account at any time, even if you do not remember your current password. This support article goes over how to change your password from a variety of devices, including what to do in the event that you forgot your original password or Sign-In ID.

NOTE: This should be considered highly confidental. Do not share your password to anyone, even a close friend or someone claiming to work for PlayStation.

Real Name

Your real first and last names are displayed to you on some PlayStation platforms, and can be shown to specific groups of people whom you allow on PSN. You can change your real name anytime from a PlayStation console under Account Information*, or with a web browser at My PlayStation (click "Edit Profile")

You can manage who can and cannot see your real name from Privacy Settings.

Avatar & Profile Picture

Your avatar is an icon you can chose to represent yourself with. Avatars can only be chosen out of a library of available avatars, with additional avatars available on the PlayStation Store. Your profile picture is a picture you can upload yourself, and is visible to only your Close Friends and others users whom you allow.

You can change your Avatar or Profile Picture at anytime from your Profile on a PlayStation console, the PlayStation App, or My PlayStation. (Profile Pictures cannot be viewed or modified on a PS3, PS Vita, or PSTV)

Privacy Settings

You have full control over your privacy settings which determine who can or cannot see certain information about you and your PSN Account, and who can or cannot contact you via certain methods.

You can make changes to your privacy settings at any time from:

  • A PlayStation console: Navigate to [Account Management] > [Privacy Settings].
  • A web browser at My PlayStation: Click [Privacy Settings] from your profile.
  • The PlayStation App for mobile devices: Select the [...] button on your profile.

Date of Birth

It is not possible to change your set date of birth. There have been no announcements or plans from SIEA regarding being able to do so. You will need to create a new PSN Account to set a new birthdate. It is important that you ensure all information you enter is accurate when creating your PSN Account.

NOTE: This should be considered semi-confidental. Do not post your date of birth to other users in public places like these forums or in messages over PSN.

Country / Region

Unfortunately, at the moment it is not possible to change your PSN Account's country or region. As of now, there have been no announcements or plans from SIEA regarding being able to do so. That said, users who have moved to a new country do have 3 options:

  1. Continue to use only your existing PSN Account. If you no longer have valid billing for that country, have funds added or subscriptions renewed with a willing friend or family member's billing information. Then you could pay back that person with another means that supports currency conversions.
    PROS: Allows you to keep using your existing PSN account
    CONS: There is a challenge in establishing that financial system. Limited to buying games online only, because any physical copies you get will not match the region of Add-Ons you buy from the online store.
  2. Create a new PSN Account in your new country, but use this for purchases only and continue to play with your original PSN Account. If you set your PS4 as the Primary Console for the new PSN Account, you can make purchases in your new country on the new account, and play them with your original PSN Account.
    PROS: Allows you to keep using your existing PSN account, and flexibility in where you can buy games.
    CONS: With PS+ on the new account, you will ONLY have online play benefits on the original account (and not the other PS+ perks like Online Storage)
  3. Create a new PSN Account in your new country, and use that strictly with new games going forward. Keep your original PSN Account on the system to play games and use game saves that were "pre-move".
    PROS: Peace of mind knowing everything going forward will just work.
    CONS: It's a fresh start with the new account, including trophies and friends list.

So you may wish to review those 3 options and weigh them depending on your situation. Generally speaking: 
Option 1 is more conduscive to a temporary move
Option 3 is more conduscive to a permanent move
Option 2 is a bit of a compromise between the other options and can work for either.


The system language for your PlayStation console can be changed via the Settings menu on PS4, PS3, PS VITA, or PSTV. Note this will only change the language of system menus, and not the language in games, applications, or the PlayStation Store.

Some PlayStation consoles support multiple virtual keyboards for inputting various language characters and words. This is managed via the Settings menu on PS4, PS VITA, or PSTV. (The PS3 does not support this feature, as input language is determined by the system language)

The language of the text in the PlayStatation Store might be able to be changed, depending on the country/region of your PSN Account. This option can found in Account Information* on your console if multiple store languages are available for your country or region.


The gender you set for your PSN Account can only be changed from a PlayStation 4 console under Account Information*. Gender cannot be changed via a web browser (at Account Management) unless you have not yet specified a gender.

Billing / Payment Methods

You can add, update, or remove payment methods for your PSN Account anytime from a PlayStation console under Account Information*, or via a web browser. If you are having issues with a credit card being accepted, click here for some troubleshooting steps.

PlayStation Subscriptions

When you enroll in a PlayStation Subscription service (such as PS+ or PS Now), it is set to automatically renew before the expiration date. Click here to learn how to cancel auto-renew for a subscription.

Account Type (Adult Account / Child Account)

A Child Account can be upgraded to an Adult Account when the owner of the Child Account is 18 years of age or older. This is determined by the date of birth that was set for the Child Account on creation. A Child Account cannot be upgraded into an Adult Account prior to the age of 18.

An Adult Account cannot be downgraded to a Child Account after the account has been created. You would have to create a new Child Account on PSN.

Family Management / Parental Controls

Family Management allows multiple PSN Accounts to be managed with parental controls and can be accessed on a PS4 under (Settings) > [Parental Controls/Family Management] > [Family Management], or from a web browser.

Managing Parental Controls

  • Family Managers and Adults with Parent/Guardian permissions can adjust parental controls for Child Accounts by going to [Parental Controls] from Family Management. Parental controls cannot be set for other Adult Accounts.

Joining a Family

  • To join an existing Family, the Family Manager of the Family must invite you. They can do this by selecting [Add Family Member] from Family Management.
  • To create a new Family (you will become the Family Manager), you must currently not be in a Family yourself. Open Family Management to begin setting up a new Family. Only Adult Accounts can create Families.

Leaving a Family

  • Adult Family Members (except the Family Manager) can leave their Family by going to Family Management, selecting their own account, and selecting [Leave Family].
  • Family Managers cannot leave their own Family.
  • Child Family Members cannot leave their Family until they upgrade to an Adult Account after they are 18 years of age or older. Once this is complete, they can follow the process above.

NOTE: System Restrictions can be set for a PlayStation console seperately from PSN Account Family Management. You can set System Restrictions for a PS4, PS3, PS Vita, and PSTV.

Activated Consoles

Your PSN Account can have one PS4 console designated as your Primary PS4. Click the following links to learn how to activate or deactivate a PS4 console as your Primary PS4.

Click here to learn how to activate or deactivate a PS3 console
Click here to learn how to activate or deactivate a PS Vita or PSTV console


Note that the links and information provided in this post are for the North American region of PlayStation (United States and Canada). Click here to visit the PlayStation website of a different country or region.

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