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01 Nov 2017 04:34 PM
By: Dead-Sync (Support MVP)

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[INFO] Third Party Support Directory

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While many problems can be solved with help from other members of the PlayStation community, some issues with third party games, accounts, or services may ultimately need to be resolved with the third parties themselves. For those cases, we have assembled a directory of links to the support pages for some of the more common third party publishers, developers, and service providers below.

NOTE: The publishers, developers, and service providers listed below are not owned by Sony Interactive Entertainment America LLC. Clicking any of the below links will navigate you to webpages not owned or operated by SIEA.



For issues linking or unlinking your PlayStation Network Account with third party accounts: Linking / Unlinking
Blizzard: Linking / Unlinking
EA: Linking / Unlinking (Select "I think I linked to the wrong EA Account")
Epic: Linking Troubleshooting / Unlinking
Ubisoft: Linking / Unlinking
Linking with other third party services on PS4



TIP: Not sure which site to visit? Check the back of your game case or on the game's page in the PlayStation Store.

2K Games: English / Español / Français / Português
Bandai Namco
Bethesda: English / Español / Français
Blizzard Entertainment
Bungie (Destiny): English / Español / Français / Português
CD Projekt Red
Deep Silver
Devolver Digital
Digital Extremes (Warframe): English / Español / Français / Português
Double Fine Productions
Drinkbox Studios: Twitter
Electronic Arts: English (US) / English (CA) / Français (CA) / Español /  Português
Epic Games
Gearbox Software
Gun Media (Friday the 13th): Twitter / Bug Reporting
Insomniac Games
Mojang (Minecraft)
Psyonix (Rocket League)
Rockstar Games: English / Español / Français / Português
SEGA: English / Español / Français
Square Enix
Telltale Games
Ubisoft: English / Español / Français / Português
WB Games: English / Español / Français / Português
Zen Studios



Amazon Prime Video
MLG GameBattles
English / Español / Français / Português
English / Español / Français / Português
Spotify / PlayStation Music: English (US) / English (CA) / Français (CA)

  • Patchex

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    I wish I could kudo this post... if I find others and post them here, can you add them? Or is this an official Third party listing from Sony?Dead-Sync


    I have seen a few on the fourm threads and know a few that are not listed here... 

  • kisuma1 (Support MVP)

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    Hey Patchex,


    I'm sure DS will check them out and add it to the list. There is a third party support article but it's rather outdated. It was decided to try and address that as well as provide more information about account linking.

  • Dead-Sync (Support MVP)

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    Hi Patch!


    Kisuma is spot on. Some of the SMVPs saw the original support article and as kisuma said, it was really dated. The initial offering above are just some ideas the SMVPs whipped up to get the list started. I'll definitely take suggestions, although I do want to consider the density of information. By that I mean I wouldn't want EVERY single pub/dev that exists in the world on this. I instead am envisioning a list that we keep up-to-date with some of the most prominent and notable third-parties. Ideally over time as the forum tools improve, hopefully I can catalogue the information in a better way too.


    Like I said though, if you think that some key publishers or developers are missing, feel free to let me know!  If It's really really obscure I might not add it, but there's a good chance I'll go "duh! that's a studio we need to have on there" and add it on the list.


    Don't worry about searching out the contact info, I don't mind doing that part at all. Also, I'm sure I missed some, but I do want to try to list as many third-party accounts that link to PSN accounts as well, as I know that provides a lot of important functionality for folks. So if you know of a third-party service (like EA/Origin for example) that will link to your PSN account, I'll gladly take that info as well.


    Cheers and thanks for the help Patchex!


  • Patchex

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    Awesome... Yea there was a thread recently were it was a small dev company, Im not sure if you want to add them... yet it looks like the guy still has not heard back... VirZoom? There seems to be an ongoing issue with PS4 trophies... they are a very small company though, and even though I should know who they are, I had never heard of them before I started reading the thread... 


    Yet one big one I see missing, is ThatGameCompany... (Flow, Flower and Journey... and the new Sky which I am not sure if we will get on Playstation) although I have rarely seen any major issues with Support needed with them, they have very few bugs in the games I have played by them... 


    I am very glad to see Harmonix on the list!!! 


    Also I know we haven't seen much lately from them, yet Maybe Valve too?

    Also maybe Devolver Digital? Zen Studios? Atlus? TT Games... the Lego guys? Some of these might be Subs not sure yet I thought maybe to mention them anyway, just incase... 

  • Dead-Sync (Support MVP)

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    Patchex, thanks for some ideas. Here's what I found:


    VirZoom - Yeah I haven't heard of them either. I still think they would probably need more time before being added to the list.

    ThatGameCompany - Although they don't have fully-fleshed support, they do have a form. Considering how prominent their games are on PS (and how SCEA published those games for them) I think it's a good add, so I'll add it! Although I agree, their games are very solidly built haha.

    Valve - It seems like their support is strictly for Steam, and I don't think they published for the PlayStation platform enough to add at the moment (and nothing on PS4 I think yet). Trust me though, I would lose my mind if Valve games came to PS4! haha

    Devolver Digital - Absolutely a great add (see, told you I'd have a duh moment) So many prominent indies on PS4 each year. Even though they only have a support email, it's something and worth adding!

    Zen Studios - While smaller, I do think their Pinball games have quite a following, so I think it's worth adding!

    Atlus - Already there!

    Tt Games - The bulk of their support is handled through their publisher, WB Games which is already on the list.


    Thanks for the ideas, and I'll add the ones I mentioned now!

  • Patchex

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    Awesome Sauce... Thanks... 


    Yea I saw a thread on the VirZoom stuff and hope its resolved yet I noticed in other sites that others sadly are having issues with thier games... And Due to thier location and games I should have heard of them... yet I never even saw them at Pax east... or anything before the thread sadly... 


    That Game Company is Awesome... I hope Sky comes to Playstation... 


    I had some issues a while back with some Valve and Steam related stuff and it never got resolved and sadly due to the issues between Steam and Playstation, I will never get my Portal 2 Plat, even though its the last trophy I need, and was the First one I helped my Buddy get when it came out... sad face... The Customer Service btw is a joke... maybe its because I am a Playstation customer? 


    Devolver Digital  - I do not care for Hotline Miami, (Its the only one I have tried by them I think...and I had a few glitches I was not sure what to do about) Yet I figured it should be there too lol


    Zen Studios Pin ball games are awesome... and a long time ago I had some issues with some promo dlc... yet pretty solid company from what I have seen... 


    Cool and Atlus, I must have missed... and I should have realized Lego was under WB games lol 

  • hi guys im farely new to psn..recently bought a ps4 with games on the harddrive..but recently games have been getting locked..and is now asking for user sign in and password...the guy i bought it from cant remember password but had set it as primary ps4 and it unlocked them for awhile now its completely logged out and is asking for sign in password

  • i have a fastcard that scratched the code off, so unreadable - how do i get a new code?  i have reciept and card still - who do i send to - email address?
  • kisuma1 (Support MVP)

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    Should have posted this here a long time ago. I originally did in our vacation home and forgot about it.


    Boneloaf (Gang Beast)



    FromSoftware Twitter support to provide player support/maintenance information.

  • Dead-Sync (Support MVP)

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    Thanks for the suggestions kisuma!


    • For Gang Beasts, I instead added the support site for publisher Double Fine. In the cases of developers (especially smaller ones), I try to prioritize putting publisher support references, as publishers usually are more equipped to handle those support inquiries. However it's good we added Double Fine as they publish a fair number of games.
    • For From Software, I instead added their Contact/FAQ page, which does have an English FAQ, and also mentions that if people wish to contact someone for inquiry, that they contact the publisher of the game in question (which they have posted there, and we have posted here on our directory)


    Thanks again!!

  • kisuma1 (Support MVP)

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    Gotcha, I'll keep that in mind when searching. I haven't in a while, but I've been trying to keep an eye out as newer games and devs come up.
  • kisuma1 (Support MVP)

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    The link for Epic doesn't work now.


    Leaving a link to their FAQ and Email contact page.


    Edit: I guess I could have been more specific.😅

  • Dead-Sync (Support MVP)

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    EDIT: Ah I see what you mean, you're talking about the Epic Account link. The main support link should still work. Yeah, it seems like they got rid of their global FAQ for Epic (


    I'll try to see if there is another equivalent account linking article for their Fortnite FAQ via your link (which I argue is their most popular game that uses Epic/PSN Account linking).


    EDIT 2: Ok, updated the unlinking FAQ page from Fortnite, and also added another link for troubleshooting when trying to link an already linked account. Thanks kisuma, good eye!

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  • Can't link to Facebook on PS4, I have a PS4 Pro. I can log in through Web Browser but I can't link my Facebook account via account services.... Is there a reason or is it a bug? It constantly gives me a wrong password error or wrong email.....
  • Thanks for the info. The issue I am having is with third party services/apps which none support all other licensed ps4 controllers. Being a psvr gamer I'm finding myself oftening reaching blindly trying to get my ds4 while wearing my psvr headset, after just using a HOTAS 4 controller in Eve Valkyrie, G29 in Dirt Rally, Move Controllers in Mortal Blitz, and Aim controller in Farpoint for example. I'm going to contact as many of these third party service support links as possible, but wish there was a way Sony could get all the apps to support their different licensed controllers.
  • hey! so i bought just cause 3 from this account  about 10 days ago havnt been around much so i have just finished downloading the game today and the game has tons of techincal issues the frame rate is so bad its unplayable! so i would like to request a refund.
  •  know it does not belong to this topic, but I do not know where and who to ask, I live in serbia and I have a registered account in Hungary I would like to know how can I prepay to ps plus from serbia?

    SRY for bad english.

  • Unknown

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    Hey i need help
  • My PS4 reset and I did all the System Updates and that but when I went to download my most important game (Rocket Leauge) I went to the library and checked the PlayStation store both on my PS4 and in the library it wasn't showing up and in the PlayStation store it said that I never downloaded Rocket League and I had to pay 20 dollars to re-download it. I have tried searching or google and youtube but all the methods of getting back games are old. I don't know how to get it back may you please get back to me as quick as possible.


    Rocket League: Standard Edition

  • Hi I’m having a really annoying issue with destiny 2, every time I try to load up the game it tells me there’s a ‘Problem reading game content’ does anyone know how to fix this? I’ve tried everything I can think of so far and I’m starting to give up.
  • Unknown

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    Hello i was just wondering if you could help me with in game currency troubles. I was playing tom clancys rainbow six seige and i bought 1200 r6 credits and the credits werent funded to my account. Any ideas?
  • Hey forum , my psn account is showing dark cloud as FREE, and a few other games in the "Just for you" section...... .... When I click on then they are not free anymore. I took a few pics . tryed calling Sony and messaging too, but no go Sony isn't answering.
  • Hello this is off topic but it wont let me post a thread on forums. Keeps saying I already posted something.. I bought nhl19 and downloaded it yesterday. I'd like a refund if its possible, anyone know? The game is the worst in history. Full of ip booters. Cant win nothing on it. Even the top twitch streamers that are usually top 10 on the game said they're tired of ip booters and the game is trash. Little did I know itd be that bad 
  • LAcaPA9

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    Good day 


    I have purchased a digital key for red dead redimption 2 from G2A and then I checked the code I saw that is used when I contact the seller he said to ask you to bring the date and time for the code 37447RNBLKKM please help


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