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03 Dec 2019 02:32 AM
By: Torokun28

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Can't Redeem codes for Death Stranding

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I picked up a copy of a special edition of Death Stranding.

It came with 2 different redeemable codes.  I was able to download the soundtrack.  But it won't let me redeem items for the special edition. 

I travel a lot for business and I am thankful I can pick up games from wherever I am and being able to play it back home.  But it's disappointing to see that this copy I got from Korea can't be redeemed in the US even though the game works and I could download the soundtrack. 

Help me to download my special items. 

  • kisuma1 (Support MVP)

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    Unfortunately there's nothing that can be done. Codes are region-specific, so if you have a US account, only codes specifically from the US will work. And since the game is from a different region, even if you had a US code the content would not be available.