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20 Jun 2018 10:41 PM
By: WonderGamer1978

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PS3 Twitch app broken

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The PS3 Twitch app has been broken for several months, starting around the time Twitch.TV was revamping their site, becoming fully broken within the last month.  They did do an update to fix the PS4 app, but the PS3 app has been left in the dust (along with those that were using it).  I recorded a video of what it's doing with my Elgato Game Capture HD, the only inaccuracy with this video now is that trying to load any stream gives you a never-ending swirling circle (loading screen that never gets past that point):


This is easily one of the most viewed videos on my channel & perhaps the top video by number of responses, unfortunately all I can do is respond to those people that we can't do anything on our side to fix it, only Twitch can fix the app & that every attempt I have made to contact Twitch regarding the problem has been fully ignored (even attempting to contact their email support system on the last attempt, that got ignored also).  I'm intending on recording another video to show the elevated problem of not being able to load stream anymore (5 minutes at the loading screen should be enough to show that the app is fully broken), of course I'll need to be able to log in again first (currently unable to log into my primary account on my PS3, I can still log into my secondary account however).  If the app is never going to be fixed & the only thing it succeeds in doing is wasting space on your PS3, why is it still in the PSN store...

  • Follow-up video can be found at, which became a priority to get up after attempting to leave a comment on the PlayStation Facebook page requesting Sony's help to get the app fixed by making contact with Twitch regarding the broken app (seeing as they won't listen to their users that want it fixed, hopefully they'll listen to the company that is hosting it), which didn't take log for a number of trolls to start mucking it up, had the video recorded & uploaded within an hour of seeing the first abusive reply (that user was blocked as a result of that reply).  Both of these video are in a playlist, the name of the playlist shouldn't be surprising (Broken PS3 Twitch app)...


    I did what I said I was going to do, I let it sit there for over 5 minutes trying to load a single stream (ending the video in the same manner as the first one, shutting down the entire system) & I've added a number of details to my Twitch blog regarding the problem, including a direct link to the PlayStation 3 Twitch app in the PSN Store.

  • And the reply I got to my Twitch email support ticket regarding the matter about a week after I published the follow-up video:



    So why is this app still in the PSN store again?  Attempting to load Twitch.TV on the PS3 browser only gives the "This page cannot be displayed. (80710a06)", so I guess I'll be spending my time time watching YouTube videos through the PS3 YouTube app if Twitch is unwilling to fix the matter...

  • gkpama00 (Support MVP)

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    The PS3 was discontinued a couple of years ago, and almost no new games are released for it anymore; so there isn't much reason for Twitch to continue to support an app on it. The PlayStation Store doesn't monitor which apps are, and are not, still supported. The app will probably remain in the PlayStation Store until Twitch asks Sony to remove it.  Sony reserves the right to remove content from the PlayStation Store at any time, whether or not the publisher wants it removed; but it doesn't generally remove free apps from the store unless the publisher requests it to do so.
  • Apparently Twitch doesn't see that it is their responsibility to have it removed from the PSN store, they are putting that responsibility on PlayStation:



    As of July 2nd, 2018, I decided it was time to get a petition up to get some statistics on how many people Twitch left in the dust & how much ad revenue they are potentially losing to competitors that still support the PS3 console system...

  • Seems the petition did the trick, 102 signatures later, Twitch finally quit dragging their butts & fixed the app (roughly 3 weeks after I supplied a link to that petition on their suggestion boards).  Online negative publicity can be a powerful motivator, especially to companies that want to keep their reputation up.