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14 Feb 2020 11:05 PM
By: CyanfaceSS

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Service errors

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Problem #1: Ps+ is not being game shared to my other account's on my ps4. 

Yes, i have stable connection(tested and connected to psn)

Yes, the account is activated as primary ps4.


Problem #2: i go to library and it says im offline in the top right corner for all my accounts. While in this state i cannot see or download any of my previously bought games. 

It says im offline but im still connected to psn and can see all my friends as well as join parties.

Problem #3: i cannot add a new card, it gives me an error with no error code.

I shouldnt be locked out 24 hours because this is my first time attempting. 

Problem #4: i cannot restore liscense. It gives me an error.

I believe all these problems are connected i could really use some clarification or help!

  • It sounds like they're all connected to a failing hard drive. I suggest you replace it.