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03 Dec 2019 06:25 AM
By: Ahkmenraah

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Brick-Walled by Support while trying to get a refund.

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I wanted to come onto the forums to express my disappointment with the way that Sony conducts itself with the refund policy. I recenty purchased The Outer Worlds, which has been hardly functional for me on my end. I'll leave out the fact that for an $80 game it is reportedly too short and lacking of content, but rather I will get into what I have experienced trying to play the game. I have only managed to get a few hours worth of it on record before I deleted it. I have had so many instances with hits not registering on characters, control inputs not taking, TTD hits hardly ever landed for me even if I was directly in front of someone with a melee attack, bodies, including important bodies, would despawn immediately after death or clip through the map, making it absolutely rage inducing to try and complete the game, since I'd have to reload an auto-save multiple times to get it to work, and not to mention frequent crashes or the game simply freezing with audio still running. Overall, it made the game genuinely unplayable and faulty, because if I can't even do regular questing and campaign stuff without it freezing, crashing, or bugging out to the point of incompletion, how is that considered a "functional game". 


After deleting the software, which I purchased digitally, I contacted Support Chat, where I was brick-walled because Sony refuses to have capabilities for the bot to send you through to someone for a faulty game. It simply cuts you off. So I took to Twitter to contact PlayStation support, where I was brick-walled again, and they stopped responding to me all together. I have been very polite so far, but this is getting outrageous. If the policy is to simply dela and brick-wall you until the time limit is reached, that's poor practice as a company, especially considering the money would just be going back into PlayStation, as I purchase content fairly regularly with them, having sunken at least $400 into the PS Store in the past month and a half to two months alone. I'd very much like to get this actually resolved, instead of getting shut down and ignored over a genuine grievance that I have when it comes to this. If this is the general attitude towards helping the community that Sony decides to take, it may be time for me to move on past the console I know and love and seek other platforms to play games and purchase content on.

  • vfr_800_rider (Support MVP)

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    What did you hope to accomplish?  Nobody on this public forum is particularly interested in someone not understanding and not wanting to follow a clearly worded and openly published refund policy.  It is up to the game developer and/or publisher to either patch their game or authorize SONY to issue refunds.  Contact them.
  • Twitter is not customer service, nobody can give a refund there. Neither can this forum. Your only options are live chat or the spport p.hone num.ber. And if you are located outsice of North America, live chat will not work for you at all.


    Sony's refund policy does say refunds can be granted for a defective product, Sony will not make that determination. Refunds are only granted for defective products when the developer determines that the game is defective and approves refunds. They will then flag the game and Sony can process refunds upon request. But your own belief that the game is defective willl not be accepted.

  • This game is new to consoles, so it's not surprising it's "glitchy". Developers seem to put out more and more unfinished or poorly coded games and people keep buying them. However, if this game is working well for others, then the problem could be at your end. Your hard drive could be corrupted; your network connection could be intermittently slow (especially if you use a wireless connection), and so forth. Try a little troubleshooting to fix your issues and in the future, you might want to investigate a game before purchasing.