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03 Dec 2019 12:26 PM
By: Ozzkar96

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Can't buy DLC for Bloodborne

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I heard that the Bloodborne DLC, The Old Hunters was on sale, so therefore I tried going to the PS Store to purchase it. However, when I click where the purchase button is supposed to be, it says:
"You are not able to buy this product for the following reason(s):
You already own:
- Bloodborne"

Why is this? It's a DLC so the fact that I own it should make me able to buy it. I did get the game during the time when it was gifted as the monthly PS Plus free game, if that has anything to do with it. But I mean, I still own the game don't I? 

Thankful for any info on this! 

  • "But I mean, I still own the game don't I? "  No, you don't own it and never did. You are "renting it" as long as your PS Plus subscription is active.


    Are you sure you're clicking on the DLC only and not the complete edition, which includes the game?


    By the way, this is the North American public, gamers' forum.

  • Alright, I had no idea it worked like that! And yes, I'm sure it's just the DLC and not the entire game. Then maybe it just doesn't work to purchase DLC for games you've acquired from monthly PS Plus games? 

    Oh, maybe I should be in the european one then. I'm having some trouble getting the hang of the PS website :P 

  • Where are you located? Actually, it doesn't matter. As far as I am aware, DLC must match the region of your game and the region of the game is determined by the PSN store in which it was purchased (or subscribed to), which in turn is determined by your address.