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29 Nov 2019 06:47 AM
By: loving_flan

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change region from ireland to Holland. Want to redeem dutch voucher,

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and it dosent work.


can you please help?


  • vfr_800_rider (Support MVP)

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    You cannot change the region/country of a PSN account.
  • ok, so how can I redeem the cutch voucher?

    Od do I have to buy irish vouchers for the rest of my life? In order to keep the games I have so far?

    Kind regards


  • Here are your choices: 1. Make a new account for the Dutch region and use the voucher there. 2. Keep the Irish account and purchase codes from that region. 3. If your console is made primary for both accounts (Irish and Dutch), you should be able to play most of the games on either account. (That depends on regional restrictions.) There may be issues with add-ons, however, as these have to be in the same regions as the game.


    By the way, this is the North American public, gamers' forum.

  • thanks