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14 Feb 2020 02:54 PM
By: sPoppert

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Currency has not been transferred from PS Store to the game server

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I have just purchased V-Bucks for Fortnite from the playstation store on the web browser. Unfortuantely, I could not find my purchased V-Bucks appearing on game. After searching through offical sony's help manual, It turned out purchased v-bucks were not transfered to game server as Remaining: 1 in services list.

At the moment of writing this message, chat is not available, and writing missing purchase in playstation's get help yields We’re currently experiencing some problems with search and are working hard to rectify the issue. Please try again later.

  • Well what really happens is the purchase data needs to recorded in your Fortnite account. In most cases the purchase only unlocks, the value of the currency which is already in the game. Nothing is actually sent. Many Fortnite players have complained of missing Vbucks, and you don't hear about it so much with other games. It could be an issue on Fortnite's end, which Sony help would not deal with at all.


    Other possibilities are if you are using a sub account and the purchaase was made by by a master account, or you are playing through an account that did not purchase the game.


    At any rate, what are you aking for here?

  • @Brises_0000,
    Either, I get a refund or my v-bucks

  • Not from this public, gamers' forum, you don't.