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13 Feb 2020 01:48 PM
By: hysjr

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Refund - Accidental Purchase

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Hello, I was directed to PS-Support after a recent purchase of in-game content in Battlefield-V, a 30 USD chapter-booster, I was away from my console at the time of purchase but was in the in-game armory at the time, I have no idea how this transaction verified as I have little to no money on the account, but I can't find some of the content purchased even if I wanted to keep it. I'd like to refund the transaction entirely or at least figure out what I can do.

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  • hysjr

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    I've read it before, so I guess I contact them directly then via their extension?
  • kisuma1 (Support MVP)

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    Content such as that is nonrefundable, as it is automatically applied to the in-game account. Unlike a game where the license can easily be removed from your account, customer service cannot access a third-party game server and remove content from an in-game account.