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14 Feb 2020 02:02 AM
By: dj111812

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This is about Sony robbing you of your add-ons when you buy a bundle.

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Hello everyone. I just bought Resident Evil biohazard Gold Edition and I was supposed to receive the season pass banned footage vol. 1 banned footage Vol 2. End of Zoe episode And the only thing I got was not a hero episode. And that was, of course, free not a hero episode. I called Sony and they told me. Set all I had to do is purchase it even though it showed the price there. And it wouldn't charge me. So I purchase the cheapest thing about the coins. And unlocking madhouse the $1.99 coin pack with my PayPal account and sure enough, it charged it. So therefore if I were to buy banned footage vol, 1 banned footage Vol 2 and end of Zoe episode it would charge me for that as well. So I might as well just bought the regular game. ! I don't want a refund. I just want my free add-ons. That should come with my Gold Edition. Because by buying the Gold Edition I already paid for them. Duh! So, therefore, they should show that I have purchased them. But they do not. Shows that I have purchased them. So please can someone help me and Sony either give me a refund or fix the problem, please because I'm very upset. This is ridiculous. !!!

  • Nobody here is going to do anything. This isn't customer service.
  • Are you sure these add-ons aren't showing up as "free" in the store?