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17 Dec 2018 06:56 PM

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Can't use Spotify

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I used to be able to use spotify but today I wanted to use it and it didn't let me it had like a downloading that was full but didn't go away. And when I clicked on it it says start but then it says cannot find search in PlayStation store but its the same thing and I can't delete because its there but it isn't so now I can't use and I've been trying to get it for like and hour

  • Do you have an external hard drive plugged in?
  • I have the same problem did u figure out how to fix it
  • I just rebuilt my database  and am now having the same issue. Spotify  doesn't  appear anymore and if I try to DL it again it says I already have it. I also use an external HD._._.any help?
  • GraphiteGB (Support MVP)

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    remove external HDD...


    reconnect external HDD

    Delete app version from external HDD

    Don't use the not supported external HDD for media apps... only use the internal HDD..