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11 Nov 2019 06:17 AM
By: khalili99sina

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Death Stranding: Timefall

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I've bought DEATH STRANDING digital deluxe edition. But after 8 Nov I didn't get any voucher code email! What should I do? 

  • Same here. Got it on the 9th of November, but I haven't received any emails with my voucher code. 
  • Same here, no voucher so far.

    I bought the Digital Deluxe edition on the pre-sale on November 7th. Got the game and the pre-sale bonuses alright but no sign of the voucher to download the album.

  • Same here...what the ****?
  • So it's not just me, any idea on what to do?
  • Same here, I pre-ordered the digital deluxe edition back in June and i still have yet to receive the voucher for Death Stranding: Timefall soundtrack and it is the 14th of November it would be nice ot know if they are still in the process of getting the vouchers out to people and how much of a wait people should expect.
  • Same! Bought it on the 8th and still no email!!
  • Same problem here, bought it on the 14th last week and I'm still waiting on that email.  Has anyone found a solution to this yet? Should we be contacting SONY? 
  • I did not recieve the voucher to download the Timefall album as well :(
  • Does anyone know what we need to do to get this? I just bought it yesterday and still have not gotten my code for the soundtrack.