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16 Oct 2019 09:52 PM
By: BigFatTiger

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how to find out whose ps4 I linked my spotify to

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This is going to be weird. I had a big party at a vacation house that I was renting and someone brought their PS4 (and I have my own PS4) and I accidentally logged into my Spotify account on their PS4. Now my spotify account is linked to their PS4 but I have no idea whose PS4 it is. They took their PS4 when they left the party but they forgot 2 controllers at my house and I want to return the controllers to them. I asked all my friends and nobody knows who brought the PS4 so it must be a friend of a friend. 

Is it possible to find out whose PS4 it is, knowing that my spotify is logged into their PS4? Even if I just get their PSN ID that should hopefully be enough to return the controllers.