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21 Sep 2019 02:57 PM
By: BIG_O77x

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PS4 won’t download Spotify

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I recently had to initialize my PS4 because it got stuck in the never ending rest mode restart. Luckily I have extended storage device so I didn’t lose anything. But upon trying to use Spotify it said I had to download it first, so when I went to go download it said I already had it downloaded on my device. I tried deleting the app and all the data with it, and with no Spotify or data on either my PS4 or extended storage it’s still saying I have it downloaded. I’m not quite sure what I can do now to fix this.

  • Hey man.  I had a slightingly similar issue.  Hopefully this helps:

    I was trying to install Spotify for the first time.  When I used the link in the quick menu, I wasn't able to download Spotify despite never having it on my system.  I then proceeded to the PS Store, and was able to download it just fine.  I hope this helps.


  • Hey, right on the front page of this forum is your solution:

    It has to do with an issue regarding external drives.  Good luck, and you're welcome!


  • Is there any other solution because I don't have a external hardrive