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09 Dec 2019 01:46 AM
By: Milo92114

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So I tried out the 2 month for $2 plan for Spotify and had turned off the auto subscription. I should have lost access to my Spotify Premium by now (I purchased it on October 7th, 2019) but now it is December 9th and I still have Spotify premium. I've alredy removed my card from the account so I won't be charged, I was just wondering why I still have Spotify premium despite the plan being over and not being charged as it has been over the 60 day mark.

  • GraphiteGB (Support MVP)

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    Login to spotify on PC as the account and funding is Run by spotify not PSN Subs services... Some services wait for confirmation that payment was not taken to allow for Bank and card  payment delays, no point cutting you of if its the banks slow computer not doing the funding... 


    PS had you allready used up the free trail for Premium allready before you took the offer..