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05 Dec 2019 07:38 PM
By: WikidProfits

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Spotify issue. Please help!

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Okay, so I've had Spotify on another PlayStation. But then I switched to the ps4 pro. And when I try and download Spotify, it says it's already downloaded. I don't have the old PlayStation anymore.

also when I open my side menu it shows the Spotify widget and playlists. But when I click on them it goes to the ps store and tells me to download it? 
I also just read that it might be my external hard drive, I will have to try unplugging that and try downloading it. We'll see if that works. I think the issue I'm having is this. I'm using the same account I did on my first PlayStation 4 and it thinks I have the app still. And I'm not quite sure but I may have transferred the memory from that one to a flash drive I lost. I don't know what to do or how to undo this issue. Any advice would be awesome.!!!