09 Feb 2020 03:10 PM
By: NextyxpShaun

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Error 80022D86

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Hi there,

I've been trying to get a resolution for this for a few months now but not had any reponse, Anytime I try to boot up a ps3 game on playstation now I always get this error "An error has occured. (80022D86)" and it will shut down the game. For the few games that do work no trophies unlock at all. I've not been able to use the service properly for a good while and had no resolution from any of my posts on other threads. Can somebody please help with this?


  • Use this link to find out what a error code means and how to solve it:!/error-code/
  • Appreciate it but the issue is that it says I have to reset my ps3 trophy data buty this is happening on playstation now and theres no way of doing so on that software :((