13 Feb 2020 07:17 PM
By: peepeesuck999

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Playstation Now Refund

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I forgot to cancel auto renew on Playstation Now and $10 was charged on my card. I was given a 7 day free trial and I didn't think to turn off auto renew.

  • Ps now is a horrible service.   I signed up for a year thinking I was signing up to be able to play games with friends.   They refused to change it to the ps plus or pro rate the service 
  • kisuma1 (Support MVP)

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    You making a human error doesn't validate your statement.



    You could still also potentially play with your friends as games that have multiplayer features do not require an added Plus subscription when played through PlayStation Now.



    Edit: and to the OP, you should be aware that your ID violates the terms of service and will likely be banned if reported. So a bit of friendly advice, you may want to go ahead and change it before you get banned and are forced to change it if you wish to keep the account.