28 Jul 2019 11:19 AM

I have a PSNow Game Request, Where do I Submit It?

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Hi! I was wondering if you could request PSNow games, because I really want them to add Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith (PS2), and Star Wars: Starfighter (PS2). If so, could you tell me where to go about requesting a game? Thanks!

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    It would be up to the developers of those games on whether they would get added to ps now or not. Sony wouldn't have any say in whether they would get added or not.


    So you would need to reach out to the developers who made those games 

  • Revenge of the Sith was developed by The Collective and published by LucasArts.

    Starfighter was developed by Blitz Games and published by LucasArts.

    Blitz Games went bankrupt in 2013 and The Collective is a long story, it merged with another company, and the resulting company almost went bankrupt and was purchased by Amazon to form Amazon Game Studios.

    Would LucasArts be able to distribute the game if those companies no longer have rights over the game? Or could Sony just ask the developers/publishers themselves?

  • Is this where you even post PSNow game requests or can you even submit them?