08 Oct 2019 11:03 AM
By: krazyivan143

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PS NOW PC - Support for Dualshock 4 controller connected via Bluetooth

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Hello Team,

I have a Dualshock 4 v2 controller connected to PC via Bluetooth. But it is not getting detected by PS Now, unless i connect it via USB cable, which is a pain.

Also, as i researched, i need to buy a PS wireless adaptor, which is as a matter of fact "discontinued" officially.

Could you please let me know, when will it be possible to connect to PS NOW using the controller wirelessly?




  • I have the same problem. I tried with DS4Windows, no luck. It works fine in Steam but not PS NOW
  • kisuma1 (Support MVP)

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    To my knowledge the controller would only be detected if you have the wireless adapter, which is no longer produced. There has only ever been two advertised ways of using the controller on PC for PlayStation Now; with the wireless adapter, or connected by USB cable.