07 Nov 2019 05:06 PM
By: Lost_Ping1150

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Buying a game that is going to epire outocome?

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So I just discovered Playstation now today and there was this game I liked(Persona 5).

Right after that I saw that the game is going to expire on the 2.4.2020, which dissapointed me, but here is my question>>


I can buy the game as a download, my question is if I buy the game, is it going to be avaliable for me without paying 9.99$ a month and is it going to be still in my downloads after I the experation date?

  • chaos_789 (Support MVP)

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    If you buy a game, PS Now doesn't matter, the game will be added to your download list, and can be downloaded and played at any time.
  • aggular

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    My question is similar. Is there something I can do to continue to play a PSN game after the expiration date?  

  • kisuma1 (Support MVP)

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    Games purchased through the PlayStation Store do not expire, though if a game is pulled from the store it could be pulled from both the store and the download server (in very rare cases).


    Only games through PlayStation Now or the monthly free offerings through PlayStation Plus expire; though they both work in different ways.