11 Aug 2019 05:16 AM
By: Daddy_Drac

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Question about service.

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Im just curious if you have ps now, and d/l some games to your console, if you cancel ps now but keep your ps plus active will you be locked out of the games you downloaded through ps now?


  • solid10

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    Yes, I'm pretty sure you would be locked out of the games. I read that games downloaded through PS Now need to connect to the internet every week to make sure you still have your PS Now subscription. 


    I'm not sure about PS+ games you downloaded with PS Now. Sniper Elite 4 was added this month as a free PS+ game, but I downloaded that a few weeks ago with PS Now, and I can't find a way to add that game to my PS+ collection.


    I've only had Now for about two months, but it looks to me like any games downloaded with PS Now will only be yours as long as you subscribe to Now. Once downloaded, you can't purchase the game if it goes on sale or add it to your PS+ collection. Streaming the games would still allow you to purchase the game or get it if it's made available for free with PS+.