14 Aug 2019 03:26 PM
By: Loki-Northman89

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Renewed PSNow sub now games aren’t connecting

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I’ve been playing games on PSNow for a while and everything was running smoothly. About 2 days ago I renewed my subscription and now I’m only able to play ESO which I had downloaded. None of the games are streamable or they only get to the menu screen then the game turns off giving me a ‘server connection was lost’ error. I know it can’t be on my end since I was just playing my games fine before renewing my subscription. 

Is anybody else experiencing this issue? 

  • KaijuKick (PlayStation Support)

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    What is your PSN ID?  I can look into your sesssions and get more details from there.
  • My PSN-ID is loki-northman89