30 Aug 2016 06:03 PM
By: FizzleRabbit

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PS Now on PC - Bug/Issue Reporting

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Hi everyone,


PS Now on PC has just launched in the US and Canada. You can find more information about how to get started on PC here.


If you experience any issues or bugs while using PS Now on PC, please report them by replying to this thread with the following information:


  1. PSN Online ID (used with PS Now):
  2. Description of issue:
  3. Internet speed at streaming location:
  4. Internet Service Provider (eg. Verizon, Time Warner Cable, etc.):
  5. Wired or wireless connection:
  6. PC operating system (eg. Windows 7, 8.1, 10):
  7. Processor type (eg. AMD, Intel):
  8. If game-related, which game:
  9. Are you in your free trial, an active subscriber, or not subscribed at all:
  10. If you are seeing an error, what text is being displayed:
  11. Location (Country / or if US, ZIP Code):


Any bug or issue feedback posted here will be reported directly to the relevant team for investigation. 


You can also find more support information at the following pages:


Many thanks!


  • ID: zamuro2020

    Issue: When i load God of War on Ps Now i get a progress bar that neves advances with a message saying "transferring you your game data to a new location before starting  game" and thats it, im stuck there cant play, had played for a few days before, worked fine

    Speed: 50mbps down, 5mbps up

    Internet: Tigostar

    Wired connection

    Windows 10

    Processor: Intel G4560

    Active subscriber

    Location: right now im living in Costa RIca

  • Krashim

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    01 Krashim

    02 Playstation now on pc wont launch 

    03: 257.2mbps download 14mbps upload 

    04 Grande communications

    05 Wired

    06 Windows 10

    07 intel(R) core(TM) i7-6700k

    08 N/A

    09 active subscriber

    10 no error playstation now app wont launch when executed

    11 United States 78201

  • Can i purchase ps4 titles such as god of war, days gone or death stranding and play them on my pc using ps now without owning a ps4
  • im not using bluetooth, when i plug in my dualshock 4 via usb it jsut charges anyone know how to make it work? when i press ps it just flashes blue and goes back to charging

    1. Physics_Power
    2. Playstation 4 controller not working. The computer detects the controller, and it works fine on Steam. PSNow will show a message when it is disconnected.
    3. 1g
    4. Local
    5. Wired
    6. Linux Mint 18.4
    7. Intel i7
    8. All
    9. Subscriber
    10. None
    11. 83406
  • Elder Scrolls Online needs update! A new patch is on. 
  • I'm trying to play Persona 5 on my PC and it isn't loading my game successfully. I own a digital copy on my PS4 and moved my save to the cloud, and tried to open it up on the PS Now client. Whenever I load, it says the load is successful, but then it returns me to the title screen with a message saying the save contains downloadable content that I don't have the rights to.


    Any fix to this?

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