22 Jul 2019 10:13 PM
By: rh3trc

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Legion I own, but Playstation Video is so slow that I HAVE to watch Hu

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Why are playstation services so garbage of late!!?, I attempt to watch a video that I’ve paid for on the PS4 Pro, yet I continue to get a Network error. That connection quality has dropped too poor to provide services. I’m fed up with it. Have restarted, rebooted network = Same Crap. Though I was miserable with Xbox and couldnt leave Playstation, I feel the need to walk away. Now the Hulu app is even faultedly buffering... grr grrr. 


I do know this: That there are some electrical issues (dirty power) on the grid or in the home and have yet to find what could be responsible. If any person can assist with this I’d Greatly appreciate them. I know that this 5-ton HVAC is way too big for this sized house but unsure of where an electrical fault could occur but before the thing starts up the lights can flicker very shortly. I can’t play competitive online games, when people are here running the AC, because I will invariably be booted from the game entirely. This sucks! I dont even try anymore. Its flippin miserable. Before this cable service we had DSL and ATT is the one that initially started the topic of “dirty power”. Power company is absolute in saying there is no such thing as “dirty power”, but they were busted for charging everyone double to fund a new facility just a few years ago. smh. Without finding an oscilloscope to use I have no idea of what to do, and most everyone that is reachable are simply dim-bulbs. 


Requesting mission to Mars, Please!